Monday, July 30, 2012

Shiny! Pretty!

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love jewelry.

I do. Really, really. Shiny or colorful or gaudy or just plain bizarre? Sign me up. More than once, I have come home from the flea market with some treasure purchased from a card table set up outside of a Winnebago and had this conversation:

Dad: That’s … interesting. What are you going to do with it?

Me: Umm … I’m gonna wear it?

Dad: Oh. Well, that’s nice.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that because I never get rid of anything, I have secret stashes of jewelry around my house. That way, I’m totally prepared once those huge earrings from 1983 come back. All that stuff they sell at Forever 21? I probably have the banged-up original. And yeah, it’s way cooler than the knock-off.

Lest you consider busting into my house, the total value of my shiny! pretty! hoard is probably about $12. But I love it.

It’s not often that I am insanely jealous over another woman’s baubles, but I’ve definitely had my moments. Usually, it’s some over-the-top vintage piece. But there was a time when I had severe engagement ring envy.

I was jealous of the shiny! pretty!, but mostly, I was jealous of what it stood for. I was lonely. I felt like I was destined to be alone forever. I wondered if my friends with the shiny rings truly appreciated the value of having a best friend who was their partner in crime. I wondered if they occasionally looked down at their left hands and smiled, seeing both the physical beauty of the jewelry and the galactic, holy-shit amazingness of having 2 humans promise to work together to figure everything out forever.

When My Guy and I talked about getting engaged, he was surprised at my enthusiasm for ring shopping. He didn’t think I’d want to go. Shaaa - right! I totally wanted to go!

Except it was totally stressful and overwhelming. None of the rings were quite right.

Until … we saw The Ohmigod Ring. Because I tried it on and all I could say was, “Ohmigod.”

My sweet husband gave me that ring 2 years ago today.

I look at it all the time. Sometimes I wear my wedding band and engagement ring on different hands, so that I can appreciate them separately. Sometimes I just look at them because ohmigod, they are so pretty. But mostly?

Mostly, I look at my rings and think about My Guy, and the look on his face when he gave them to me. And I think about how lucky I am to have a true partner and friend, and how My Guy was so totally worth the wait.

Now, granted, sometimes I look at them and think, “Damn! I need to clean these rings - I look like a hobo!”

But, keep in mind that My Guy always refers to his wedding ring as “My Burden” - typically while raising his left hand to the heavens and pantomiming a classy “Why, God, whyyyyyy?” moment. Either that, or he’s playing with the ring - err, excuse me, I mean burden - spinning it around, tossing it in the air, and generally making me believe his prediction that at some point, he will lose the ring - err, burden - and I can’t be upset.

So, it’s cool. Marriage is all about balance. Plus, I have a bunch of lovely plastic flea market rings he could wear instead.


smalltownme said...

I have a wall of sparkly things! But I didn't get the Omigod ring until we'd been married almost 20 years!

sherilee said...

It's lovely to look down at your hand and smile with fondness for the person who gave it to you. I smiled the whole time I read your post. Sweet.

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

I love shiny baubles! I have a collection (no I am not a hoarder) of over 60 rings in every color of the rainbow. Jewelry is FUN!

Wenderina said...

Confession. A couple years ago my wedding ring broke. Long story. But I've been unable to commit to fixing it or getting something new. But I do love me some bling on my hands. Cue Kohl's costume jewelry, including the biggest, shiniest fake diamond you ever saw for $25. And you know what? Had more comments on that cheap little beauty than the real thing!! Shiny and pretty all the way.