Monday, September 10, 2012

How we're paying for our new HVAC system.

Last week, between heat-induced crazy dreams, I had an epiphany.

Actually, "epiphany" is too strong a word. How about "acknowledgement of something super obvious?"

I had this, erm, acknowledgement at about 2:15 in the morning as I laid drenched in sweat in our sweltering, broken-HVAC-having house. The acknowledgement was that I damned well better get - and accept - the job for which I was interviewing in a few hours.

I did and I did. And so, I will go back to the corporate grind on October 1.

I have mixed feelings about this.

Superficially, it makes that giant check we just wrote to the HVAC folks hurt a little less. It's a lot easier to do stuff like, oh, replace your entire HVAC system when you aren't going to be living off of 1 income soon.

Big picture?

Well ...

I liked the manager, and he offered me the job on the spot - breaking the rules of the contractor (me) / contracting company (my new pimp) / end manager (this new boss guy) etiquette. The work sounds interesting. And it's a 6-month contract, so if it's really horrid, I can bail. And really? It could be working with a pack of rabid hyenas and still be better than my last contract.

It does, however, somewhat inhibit my dream of being a housewife, stay-at-home lady who lunches, or whatever you want to call it.

We have new neighbors, and during our initial meet-and-greet in the the driveway, the woman of the couple sheepishly admitted that she currently stays home ... and they have no kids.

I was all, "Me too! And I love it!" Because there's something embarrassing about not really wanting to work, to be rather jazzed about getting yourself and your household in order. A generation ago, it would be normal. Now? Not so much. You better have an excuse for your lazy-bum ways.

I feel like I'm still detoxing from my burnout at Corporate Behemoth, and my emotionally scarring stint at Mega Corporate Behemoth. But I was surprised that I felt energized after my interview - it was refreshing to use that part of my brain again. And that gives me hope.

I haven't quite figured out the part of my brain that's itching to start something creative and bold.

For now, My Guy and I are on vacation, at the beach. It's been a full day of sitting by the pool and walking along the water. We just returned from lounging in a hammock and debating the finer (and not-so-fine) points about Rebecca Black's "Friday" video. Obviously, the days are just packed.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I used to be a Stay-At-Home Mom with no kids at home but now they have both moved back in with us. After being on their own for 6 years, they were both in need of some Mothering.

Good luck with this new job and I hope it doesn't suck!

Dorrie said...

It's difficult to balance. I loved being a stay-at-home Mom to my four kitties and taking care of the house. I also love going to work and making my own money. The ideal situation would be to work about 20 hours a week, which only works if your spouse has health benefits. Mine does not, so off to work I go. Maybe in six month, you can cut back to a 4-day work week. That is nice too. It seems like this manager is smart enough to know what a great deal he is getting by hiring you. I hope you love this new job.

Average Jane said...

I would LOVE it if I didn't have to work. I'm already dreaming of retirement, even though its 20+ years away.

Violet said...

Congratulations on the job!

I totally get the sheepishness felt about not *wanting* a job. I am currently a non-traditional undergraduate student at a state university. I just started back to school last January and I have been fortunate that - so far - I haven't had to work while going to school. And I am so very good with that.

My 15-credit-hour life is plenty right now but I am surrounded by much-younger students who are taking 15-18 credit hours, working one or two jobs, and participating in school, philanthropic, or community organizations. I don't know how they do it - just thinking about it exhausts me!

8 said...

Congrats, double congrats and Woot woot on the job!

Dont be embarrased! Nobody else needs to know why you stay home, why you want to or dont. Thats just nosy!

Rainbow Motel said...

Here's what I've learned: Enjoy your time. Whatever you are doing...or not doing. Apologize to NO ONE.

Laura said...

I think that Dorrie has got it right - work a little, stay home a little. Unless you are independently wealthy, and then all my hobbies and traveling would become my job. Good luck with your new one!

Unknown said...

Good for you! With your new job, you wouldn’t have to endure hot days anymore, just because the AC is not scheduled to be working that day. Some people do that. They put up a schedule for when to turn on the AC to avoid high bills. However, you can use this tip to still save on your air conditioning costs: Keep your lamps and other heat producers away from the thermostat. The heat they emit will cause the AC to run more than it needs to. ;D

Jamaal Milner

Unknown said...

congratulations for new job.
Good luck!
Jack - commercial heating contractor

Darryl Iorio said...

Replacing your HVAC was definitely the best decision. If it had been causing you troubles, and you’ve repaired it time and time again, but still it kept on malfunctioning -- put an end to it, and buy a new one. Good thing you got a job now! How is it going? Good luck!

-Darryl Iorio

Unknown said...

I’m happy that you can now shoulder your new HVAC system, but I’m sure you know that this is just the beginning. Looking at things in prospect, you should plan the maintenance of the system. Regular maintenance paves the way for a longer running HVAC system. And, we all know that it translates to more savings. I guess congratulations are in order for your new job, Cha Cha!

Mignon Her

Unknown said...

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