Thursday, September 6, 2012

The object of my affection.

All of the comments about dream jobs made me laugh and laugh. Folks, if you need a fact checker? Rainbow Motel is your gal. Looking for spot-on ear piercing? Kelley will hook you up. Gift wrapping? Dorrie. Fair barker? Oh, Jessie. Oh, yes. Spanish-language annnnnnnnnnnnnnouncer? Ilyannaaaaaaaah! And friendly critiques about beachwear? Little Miss Sunshine State. Yes.

These dreams of ideal jobs got me to thinking.

First of all ... when I was young and adorable? I told my dad I wanted to drive a street sweeper. Being the supportive pop he is, my sweet daddy said, "Well, whatever you want to do, we'll go along with it."

Except that I was a 3-year-old firecracker. "No, dad," I said. "You can't. It only has 1 seat."

Bwah ha ha. But as an adult, this makes perfect sense to me. I love interesting tools and appliances, and I adore tangible, immediate results.

This is why I love power washers.


Need your deck powerwashed? Call me! Tough mildew on brick? Got it.

So, this affinity leads me to be insanely jealous of guys who work for GumBusters. They use special power washers to blast dried gum off of sidewalks. I saw it on Dirty Jobs, and I actually saw it in action in New York City. Uh-mazing.

Look at this thing. How kick-ass is it?
Some folks dream of ruling the streets with a souped-up ride, or watching the game on a ginormous, fancy-pants teevee. I fantasize about randomly busting gum off the sidewalk with this bit o' awesomeness.

Yes, I need to get out more. No, I have not transferred this desire to clean sidewalks to cleaning my own house. Don't judge me.

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Kelley said...

Wow, that thing looks awesome! I have to admit, the first thing that went through my mind was that I would love to have a smaller, handheld version of that, maybe like a leaf-blower size, that I could take with me to the Walmarts. People standing in the middle of the aisle, mouths hanging open? Blast 'em! Kids running amok? Blast, blast, blast!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the big roller they use in road construction looked cool. Then one day I was talking to a former student who became a crew foreman and he told me he though the same thing--until he had to do it. He said it drove SLOW--so SLOW it was mind-numbingly boring. Thus shooting that dream all to hell.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Now's the time for you to chase your dream of busting gum off the sidewalks of Kansas City, right?-Jessie

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I hope you have more sense than the guys that power washed our apartment building. They blasted the door so hard, it ripped the weather stripping off the door

When my daughter was little, she told me she wanted to be a Celebrity Hairdresser and work for a big TV talk show.