Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bloody Mary? Don't mind if I do!

I've been working waaaaaaay too late tonight. Busy time at Corporate Behemoth, but at least I've been working while parked on my couch. WiFi? So luxurious.

In the spirit of tired blogging and the season of family and canned snow, I am pleased to share with you The Greatest Christmas Song Ever. I know I posted this last year, too, but this year I found a new video that's too fab not to share.

Mad props to Robert Earl Keen, college roommate of Lyle Lovett and a heck of a troubadour in his own right. This song hits a little too close to home ... especially if you've ever spent the holidays in Texas.

Noel, noel.


ZenCrafter said...

Thanks for sharing the Robert Earl Keen video and that Texas twang. I love that grin of his, too--you know you've been there, too, is what it's saying. REK is one of my faves. His songs were my workout buddies one year (yeah, I used to exercise). I MUST unearth it and fall in love again! Maybe it'll even get me back into the gym. It's the season of miracles, right?

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

Did he spit in a cup at the end? Perhaps we will adopt this as our new holiday tradition following carolling.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. That is very very funny stuff!

Yes, WiFi is a lovely thing.

you gotta wonder said...

That was a new one for me, and thank you very much. Been there, done that. Grew up in Louisiana, currently in Texas.