Saturday, December 6, 2008

Love, need and want you.

I finally put up my Christmas decorations and tree today. My tree has my "Faith" ornament front and center, right next to my favorite ornament, which is a glass globe with a picture of Ms. Patti LaBelle.

It was a dollar at Big Lots several years ago, and I just can't help it - I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. I love Ms. Patti, don't get me wrong - but it's a crappy screen printing job of a crappy photo. So, obviously, it's just not Christmas without my Patti LaBelle ornament.

Usually, it's not Christmas without stockings, but I made an exception this year. I have three stocking hooks, and they spell out "Joy." I have a stocking for me, for Foxie Doxie and for the Geriatric Poodle.

I was going to put up all three, but I just couldn't do it. And stockings without the Geriatric Poodle? Would spell out "Yo?" Or "Oy?"

It's just not right.

But his life partner, Camelia the Fleece Camel, is on the tree. And I put his collar at the very top of the tree, around the star. Which seems fitting. And I can't stop looking at it.


LaDue & Crew said...

His collar on the tree... that's beautiful ;o)

Sara said...

Aw! I'm thinking of you all the time, dear, and wishing I could see you this Christmas.

So, um, I guess I know where you got my Michael Bolton Christmas ornament? (Pray our stuff arrives before Christmas - I really want to hang it on the tree!)

laurie said...

it's not christmas without our wee six-pack-of-beer christmas ornament. i think that beats patty labelle for tackiness any day of the week.

i know how much you miss your old dog. i remember the first christmas without toby. so hard.

the collar on the tree is a lovely thought.

Unknown said...

Having just lost my two dogs - one in August and the other in early November, you have my deepest sympathies. But, I know my dogs loved me unconditionally and would want me to be happy, so for them I get up every morning and remind myself of all the things I am grateful for, including all the years I had them in my life.

When I opened my ornament box this year, I found two little ornaments I bought last year during the after Christmas sales. I had forgotten all about them. A little golden and a little black lab popping their heads out of little red mittens with 'Best Pals' embroidered on them. They are front and center on my tree, but now I think I need to hang their collars and tags too.

Wishing you much happiness...