Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And it was super fun. Really.

Last night, My Guy With Two Dogs and I had a hot date. We went out for barbecue - at the best place in town, which is in a gas station (seriously). Then, we were off to see my other boyfriend.

Except! Except that on our way out the door, My Guy warned me that we would probably run into his ex-wife's sister and her husband. They were going to the concert. And while the former brother-in-law was one of the nicest humans ever and a good friend? The ex-wife's sister was a bit of a snow queen. My Guy was concerned about my comfort level.

I considered this for a moment. And I thought about all the times Ex-Wonderful's ex looked through me, or how she had to approve of me before I was allowed to spend time with their daughter, or how her mother wore sunglasses inside a church - all the better to look down her nose with.

Dating in your 30s is complicated.

I considered all of this. And then I considered how I've spent the last 10 days cleaning up vomit, poop, and pee, and how Lil' Frankfurter actually gacked on my person.

I considered all of this. Then, I told My Guy, "If your former sister-in-law wants to try to ice me, she can fucking bring it."

Except! Except that My Guy's former brother in law texted him. Bruuuuuuce canceled.

No Born to run. No Born in the U.S. No long guitar solos where truthfully I zone out but am still glad I'm there. No Bruuuuuuce. No ice queen former sister-in-law who would turn a critical eye and then provide a full report to her sister even though it was totally unfair because I was having a bad hair day and didn't even have the opportunity to prepare for such an event.

So, My Guy and I did what anyone would do.

We went to Target.
Image courtesy of Google images. Thank you, Google. Really.


Cyndi B. said...

Sigh...I love Target.

Sorry to hear Bruuuuuuce canceled. Hopefully he will reschedule and you can try this all again on a fantastic hair day!

itsjustme said...

Holy Crap sometimes you scare me. I LOVE Bruce!! First concert I ever went to? Bruce!! Love, love, love him.

And Target? You totally know how I feel about Target.

I am also totally delighted that you had another fun date (I know it was.)

P.S. I met the bff of the drummer. Hoo Rah.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Mmmmm...love that gas station bbq! (Sorry your concert got canceled, though!)

Angie said...

Noticing that Guy with Two Dogs has become My Guy with Two Dogs. Love it!

hope505 said...

...did you go all the way to Target...? Did you hit the bulls-eye?
::wink wink::

* ; p sorry, I'm just feisty today

Anonymous said...

Target is nice, but it's no Bruce. THAT is a major bummer.
I'm glad things are going well with GWTD (Guy With Two Dogs).

Patti said...

Okay, so our meeting of the minds diverges at last....I despise Bruce. Pause for scream of indignation) Or rather, his music.( I'm sure he is a nice enough person. (Please don't reveal my name or I will be driven from the USA)
I was at that same time attending a Ben Folds concert and let me just say.....BEN FOLDS ROCKS! I would go on but fear I have no footing here among Bruce fans, and to get back to the point of your post, Target is awesome and waaayyy better than Bruce. (okay, I am done slamming BS)

And even more awesome is spending an evening doing the mundane (like Target) and still having fun. That is the sign of something special!

daisiesforyou said...

Any man that will spend an evening in Target with a woman is a rare breed and is definitely worth claiming as your own!