Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things that are awesome.

Foxie Doxie barfed tonight. On the couch. And in between the couch cushions. And on the throw pillows. And a teensy bit on Guy With Two Dogs.
The boy? Doesn't feel good.
There's a reason I buy paper towels in bulk.

And there's a reason I like Guy With Two Dogs. I wouldn't let him help me clean, but instead forced him to entertain me while I cleaned. He obliged, asking about every two minutes how he could help.

The fumes from the Resolve? Pretty strong.
And I had to use a lot of it.

We started getting slap happy, and I started incorporating yoga poses into my cleaning efforts.
Obviously, this is the start of something big. It's a cleaning bodily fluids / yoga revolution. We shall call it "fluga." And I'll make videos that teach parents and pet owners how to incorporate yoga into their ongoing cleaning efforts. And I'll market my own brand of Foxie Doxie-approved super-absorbent paper towels. I will become a spokesmodel for Resolve.

I'm pretty pumped about it all. But Lil' Frankfurter?
Well, he's less than impressed.


~annie said...

Blergh. It is amazing how they always manage to cover the maximum surface possible. The "fluga" idea is great!

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

My dog runs straight for the only nice rug in the house when he feels like releasing bodily fluids.
Cute wall map!
Your Pal,

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Shall I send you a vinyl couch cover? I have mattress covers I use on my sons' beds for that very reason...

jean said...

Poor puppy.

LaDue & Crew said...

I've missed life over here! Yes, I have been MIA. Life has sucked for a few weeks, but looking brighter. Looks like I have tons of catching up to do!!

lol... your word verification is: barksmsh.

farmerjulie said...

Oh man. i buy them in bulk too. four shih-tuz or shit zues. whatever you call them..i can relate. your dog is cute!

hope505 said...

*heh* well now you know...GWTD must really be into you, otherwise he'd have been all, 'doggie barf? Later!' *haha!* BUT NO!
This may be a grade-A Y-chromie.
* : )
And I love your "cleaning yoga" pose! And your new doxie-butt picture! Keyyyute!