Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poker face.

When I first met Foxie Doxie, he was being fostered by some friends. They were having a party, and Foxie got overwhelmed by the six whole people in the room - so he retreated. He took a nap between the wall and the back of the couch.

My sweet Foxie is a gentle soul. I'm coming to appreciate more and more how depressed he was after Geriatric Poodle died. And the last two days? Well, he's been more sensitive than usual.

Lil' Frankfurter was home last night, then spent today back at the vet getting IV fluids. More on him in a moment.

But Foxie Doxie?

Well, Foxie has spent the last three days literally hiding under the covers. My bed is a disaster area in general, since I've cloaked it in my oldest, shabbiest linens in case of further vomit, blood, what have you. But Foxie doesn't seem to mind - he's literally willing the world to go away because gosh darn it, he just can't handle it.

Dude. I am so there.

I am exhausted. I appreciate that I got about five hours of sleep across Monday and Tuesday. But how can I still feel like I got hit by a car?

Oh, yeah. The stress. The worry. The mixed emotions of desperately wanting Lil' Frank to be ok / worrying about what I'm supposed to do next for Lil' Frank / wanting to strangle Lil' Frank with my bare hands for running up $2,100 in vet bills. Yes, that's $262.50 per pound of dachshund.

So, Foxie? Make room. I want to bury my head, too.

Except ... isn't this the most pathetic, precious thing you've ever seen, ever?
The paparazzi? So annoying.
Can't a guy convalesce in peace?


Unknown said...

Glad to hear Lil' Frank is recovering. Being a parent is tough, even with furry kids. Poor Foxie. They are both lucky they found such a loving home. Every time one of our pets has gotten sick in the past, we just say we will retire xx months later than planned. I think we will be working until about 85 now. We have taken pet insurance out on our current pets to guarantee they will never get sick again.:) Sending good thoughts for all of you.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

My dog ate part of a fake tree once....$1200 later, he was tree-free. They had to open him up and scoop it out, too. All too familiar with pet expenses - but they're worth it! Good luck!

Cyndi B. said...

Right there with you on the pet expenses! Glad to hear the lil guy is doing better, though. Hoping you all have a restful and relaxing weekend!!!! You deserve it!

Iron Needles said...

Hang in there, Cha. Tell Fox and Frank to hang in there, too.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sweet Foxie. He's my favorite now. Frank's kind of a pain in the keester what with the eating everything and dental floss and what all.

hope505 said...!! Poor sweetie...I hope he's feeling better soon. And thanks for the heads-up about what can happen when a furry friend tries to digest fiberfill stuffing! I will now be extra-vigilant about tossing out "dead" toy mice when their little stuffing guts start to come out...

mel said...

Poor fella. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Our lab once thought that she could bite a moving car and, well...was bitten. 2000 smackeroos later she was back at home with a couple pins in a broken leg and a very large Elizabethan collar. She looked miserable and I felt terrible for her. Then she ate the collar from around her neck AND began chewing into the cast and wrap. Sometimes I would strangle her if she wasn't so darn lovable.

Emotional Mullet said...

aw. isn't the cone just the saddest thing in the world?

(ps. my captcha word for this comment is "badduck")