Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big trouble with a little dog.

Lil' Frankfurter's destructive habits are well-known. He has enjoyed destroying various paper goods - envelopes, the stray newspaper, boxes. He redecorates by pulling Foxie Doxie's bedding all around the house. And he rips toys apart.
And now? He's destroyed his digestive system.
Lil' Frank started puking his guts out on Sunday night. Allll of Sunday night. Like, I got maybe two hours of sleep Sunday night. We were at the vet's office when they opened on Monday morning. X-rays showed that the kidlet had a foreign body in his tummy. We went home with the hopes of passing it.

We went back last night because he couldn't stop gacking and was totally disinterested in food. He slept until about 2 this morning and then paced the rest of the night.

Yes, we were at the vet again this morning when they opened.

New x-rays showed that the foreign object hadn't moved. We went to the emergency vet for an endoscopy. The emergency vet didn't like the look of the films and so did an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed the small intestine was involved. I hauled Lil' Frank back to the regular vet. He had surgery this afternoon.

My kid? Was chock full o' plastic and fiberfill. From his toys. They had to make three incisions to clean him out. He weights eight pounds. I don't know where they fit three incisions.

This is a little different than the time he ate the dental floss.

One of the darling vet techs took him home with her tonight so that she could monitor him. She gave me her cell, called me when they got to her house and got settled, and promised to call if anything should change in the middle of the night.

I've spent most of the day in the car, driving from one vet to another. I've slept maybe five hours in the last two days. I want to throttle Lil' Frank's neck. I desperately want him to be OK because we're just getting to know each other. I want to stop figuring the cost per pound of all of this veterinary care.

Right now? We're at about $190 per pound of dachshund.

Foxie Doxie knows something is up and refuses to leave my side. He's gonna have to figure something out, as I'm about to go get in the bathtub. Yes, you can sleep in my bed and lick my face. But I draw the line at sharing a bath.
Yeah, I'm a bitch like that.


Patti said...

I am so sorry you are going through this, and that HE is going through this! Good thing your life is all easy and non-stressful so you can easily manage this blip!

Sending you lots of calming energy and healing vibes, for you both!

(Kind of want him to get better so you can kill him for making you suffer through all this angst)

Beth said...

So sorry to hear this is happening. Sending good thoughts to Lil' Frank on a speedy recovery. And to you to get through this.

Unknown said...

You are a good Mom! Lil' Frank is going to have to have to find a new diet. Hope the vet was able to give you some suggestions. Wishing you some sleep, a speedy recovery for Lil' Frank and lots of hugs for Foxie Doxie.


Oh I hope the lil Frankfurter gets better soon. I had one that ate everything too. Fortunately the worst that happened was 6 poo puddles at one time on my carpet.

itsjustme said...

Oooohhhhh noooo, that is awful. I am so sorry. I had to take away all of Sabrina and Buddy's stuffed animals. Now they only get rope toys. Same thing. Dumb dogs.

Hang in there.

mel said...

The husband and I are convinced that our lab loves her vet so much that she does someting to earn herself a trip about once a quarter. Honest to God, we once went 4 or 5 months between visits and they called to check on us.

They know each of us by name there and sent us a card for our daughter's birth. Probably, I have a better relationship with her vet than I do with my family doctor. Hmmmm.

We adopted Olive for $25 (the shelter had marked her down from the normal $175 adoption fee - I consider myself a hero for finding her when I did) and she's now worth about $70 a pound. Wow.

Hope your fella is feeling better soon.

gertrude said...

Poor pup! Hope he feels better soon.

Iron Needles said...

Sending good thoughts the pup's way. Hope you get some rest, too.

The things we do for our furry kids...

Anonymous said...

So does he learn from all of this? How awful.
I applaud you for setting healthy limits on your life, Cha Cha. Bathe alone indeed.

Madge said...

poor baby. poor you. hope he feels better soon and hope you get some sleep.....