Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm so threatening.

I feel like I should have something hil-AR-ious to post. I mean, c'mon - I haven't posted in three days. Surely, something vaguely entertaining has happened in those 72 hours.

Alas? No.

Lessee ... working. Collapsing after said work and sleeping for almost 10 hours on a school night. Working again. Eating awesome Italian food with My Guy, then watching the Olympic opening ceremonies (yawn). Cleaning. Being ignored by the shoe salesmen at Nordstrom because I was wearing a vintage Iowa Hawkeye t-shirt and three-year-old Sketchers. I know I'm not cool, but maybe I would have liked to try on those green pumps. Think about it.

So, yeah.

How do you keep those occasional day-to-day blahs from making your writing blah? I refuse to get into the minutiae. Twitter, I am looking at you. And Facebook. And my dear friend who learned how to merge the two and posted - I am not kidding - 104 Facebook status updates in 48 hours.

Help me. Or I might have to start writing about dryer lint, in all its intricate, interesting glory. Posts and posts about dryer lint.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I keep a list of blog post ideas. Because I think of good (and bad) ideas at random times and sometimes several at once. So I just made a list.

And I hate it when people update a trillion times in FB. I use Twitter, but I refuse to connect the two. Because, seriously. Why would I do that to my FB friends?

hope505 said...

oh, cha cha.....c'mon now...chin up, comrade!
I'm biased against farcebook,twits, and myspace, so that part, you'll have to guide yourself on.
But in the land of the blog, still plenty to write about. Every holiday presents an occasion (*ahem*)...whatcha readin'? whatcha watchin on tv or dvds or at the movies? I enjoy other peoples' reviews about whatever they're reading or seeing..or hearing...what's your music mood lately?

& you know my approach...there's always the fertile loam of one's inner world...growing ideas...feelings...sensations in and observations on the world...

& aw heck, everyone loves the Dynamic Duo double-dutch doxies!!
* ; )

Caron said...

Oh, Cha Cha! I feel totally threatened and I intend to threaten you back with equally boring posts from my boring blog brain. I also eat, work and sleep with alarming regularity. And yesterday? I CLEANED! Wow.

Oh and it's snowing like a mutha again today here. How about my 5,347th post about this winter's snow?

If I post about the crappy book I am reading, will hope505 come and read my opinion? I hope so. She has inspired me. I will write about a current book and a box of books. I'm off to book 'em.


Well at least you posted. I haven't. I have been sucking at writing. You can always post doggie pics. Those always work.

Anonymous said...

You can compost dryer lint. See? I took a dry topic and made it even dryer.