Monday, February 15, 2010

Keep me off TV. Really.

It's that time of year again.


That's right - the Westminster Kennel Club is holding their 134th dog show. The finals are tomorrow night - I trust your DVR is set. Mine is.

I'm sure you remember last year's winner, Stump. We loved her!

Last year, Foxie Doxie and I watched DOGSHOW! and the hideous Pedigree "I know how to sit. But I don't know how I ended up in a shelter" ads. And I cried. And then, that weekend? Lil' Frankfurter came to live with us.

Coincidence? Umm ... sure.

Lil' Frank has pretty much taken over the place. But he has no interest in watching DOGSHOW! with me and Foxie. He's too busy collapsing from Kong-induced exhaustion. But me and Foxie?

So, yet again, we're watching DOGSHOW!. And I cried at the Pedigree ads. And tried to explain to My Guy why dogs without homes, mistreated dogs, bother me so much. He was very sympathetic until it came to my logical conclusion that I needed to bring home more dogs.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Lil' Frank was literally sitting on his head while we were having this conversation.

My Guy suggested volunteering at a shelter. As if I wouldn't come home with another dog. Right.

I know that I need another dog like I need a hole in my head. But really?

I'm a sucker. And I think of all the dogs out there who don't have homes, who just want somebody to love, who don't understand how they ended up where they are. And I feel responsible.

This, of course, is the perfect segue to talk about my upcoming appearance on Hoarders.

So, I'm going resist the urge to dog-up and keep it at two. But really?

Really, I'm the person who makes the beeline to the dog when I walk in a house. They're often the most interesting people in the room.

This year, I'm pulling for the black dog who looks like a mop. It's all about personality.

But really?

Look at the old dogs. Look at the not-so-perfect dogs that other people overlook. Give 'em a chance. And prevent me from showing up on Hoarders with 38 animals. OK?


Patti said...

I am loving the ad for the dog show with Lady Ga Ga singing "Paparazzi". Those dogs are awesome.

Molly said...

I have a thing about wanting to rescue dogs. and orphaned babies.

My house is going to be INSANE.


TWisted Sister and I have 4. My daughter has Mini Schnauzer puppies and I want one. Their mother is a love bug and will lay in your lap like a ragdoll and let you love on her. I so want one. Good thing they are in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I think this Guy is good for you. He'll keep you off reality TV. But should we ever get a dog here, it will be a rescue mutt.

Average Jane said...

That's why I volunteer at the low-cost spay & neuter clinic. That way you get to help animals, but you don't feel like hoarding them because they all belong to someone.

Then again, I also volunteer for an animal rescue group and now we have 5 cats. So my plan isn't 100%.

slow panic said...

all our pets our rescues -- except for our beagle..... l

Beth said...

I feel the same as you when it comes to dogs. LOVE THEM! I wanted to volunteer at a shelter, my husband said "absolutely not". I don't don't know why, we only have 4 cats and 2 puppies. All rescued.

sherilee said...

I love the dog show! So fun, and so many different breeds to fall in love with.

We have 4 dogs right now--the old clan and the young clan--and it's too much even for acreage. But they're here and we love them, most days, and I just stay away from the shelter so I don't want to bring more home and be the really crazy dog lady...

And then there are the vet bills... and the meds... yikes for pet costs!!

Karen Jensen said...

I cannot watch ads that feature rescue dogs. I simply cannot.

mel said...

I don't watch the dogshow, but I do loathe those commercials. Because they make me feel guilty that I can't do more. The husband and I are total suckers. We've adopted no less than 3 strays that have shown up at our door and have taken in 5 abandoned pups (we live near a state and national park...obviously, jerk wads think that's a good place to drop off your pets. maybe they think that cute little pup they thought they could love will be able to wrestle down a deer for food?). I had my eye on a dog just off the interstate a couple weeks ago until I saw that his owner found him. He was so mine.

And I'm with you...I so go for the dogs when I visit. Probably, I prefer dogs to most humans. Hands down.