Friday, February 19, 2010

What would Ivan Drago do?

Last night’s Olympic men’s figure skating seemed like something right out of the Cold War – the handsome American underdog fighting the evil Russian.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little movie called Rocky IV?

Now, I don’t think Evan Lysacek was trying to avenge Apollo Creed’s death. But really? Yevgeny Plushenko was not gracious after winning the silver, behind Lysacek’s gold.

This is the frickin’ Olympics. (Or, as Poochie used to call them, the Bolympics, the games of the 23rd Winter Bolympiad.) Don’t be a pouty loser.

I know I sound like my mama, but if you’re not a real champion if you can’t be gracious in defeat. Sure, Ivan Drago didn’t have a wide emotional range, but at least when Rocky kicked his ass (oops – spoiler!), he didn’t whine to the press.

But the more they show Plushenko, the more I think, “Hey, I know that guy!”

First? I thought he looked like Def Leppard’s Phil Collen.


But then? Then, I realized that no, Plushenko is actually the hateful love child of Cullen...

Your favorite musical artist and mine, Barry Manilow...

And a back-in-his-feathered-hair-glory-days Ice God Wayne Gretsky.

And that’s pretty much the extent of my Olympic coverage. I just can’t take the drama.


Magic27 said...

Oh, I'm so mad I missed the skating - I struggled to stay awake through half-pipe stuff and and a seemingly-endless ice hockey match... But it was 4.10 am when they started showing the skating, starting obviously with French darling Brian Joubert (even though he'd already screwed up). When I saw him screw up even more, I gave up and went to bed, sure that Plushenko was going to win it, bad hair and all. Oh, I'm so mad!
Damn those pesky time zones - why does Vancouver have to be 9 hours behind France?!
But I'm determined tonight - the ice dancing is supposed to be on at 0.45 am (25 minutes from now!) and I might just about stay awake. As long as I don't have to sit through more ice hockey (sorry ice hockey fans, but I'm British, and we just don't do ice hockey over here) or skeleton or whatever!

mel said...

Oh. I think it's so time for me to pull out my Rocky soundtrack. Yeah, I have it. And I totally rock it hard and loud. Why? 'Cause I'm awesome like that.

Cyndi B. said...

Random thought I know...but your bringing up Rocky reminded me of my favorite Cosby episode. The one where the kid sang "Eye of the Tiger" rendition of that song EVER!

JeanGenie said...

Seriously. Plushenko does seem to be living the Cold War dream. Both he and his coach insinuated that Lysacek skated like a girl. Whatevs. Would a girl have sequined snakes draped across her shoulders? I think not.

Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME, wasn't it? IN HIS FACE!


In that pic I think he looks like John Lennon. Or at least like Julian Lennon.