Thursday, February 25, 2010

Someday, I'll be the lady who insists you view all 4,278 of my vacation slides.

Because a girl can dream.

I have a bad habit (just one, of course) of not uploading photos off my camera for, like, 27 years. So, when I dumped pics onto my laptop this week, it was like an episode of "This is Your Life."

This is me when I was sick, sick, sick around the first of the year. I sat with a blanket or my collar over my mouth for about five days because it felt better to breathe that way. My Guy was kind enough to capture this moment.
Thank you, My Guy. Note, too, the healing power of puppy poultices. And don't worry, I've taken down my Christmas tree.

Here, we have the most awesome icicle. Massive snow in early January, followed by fantastic warm temperatures created this beaute. Sadly, these elements also created leaks in both my kitchen window and the ceiling of my bedroom. Home ownership? You suck.
In an attempt to brighten up yet another round of winter weather, I doubled my dishes. I now have settings for eight, so c'mon over for dinner. And don't these colors make you happy?
They make me almost as happy as this.

I'm not sure why I took a picture of this. It just seemed important at the time, because I snapped more than one. Note that it has to be Skippy and it has to be Extra Chunky. Accept no imitations!
Finally? You know that 90 percent of my photos featured the dogs. Because I'm all cool and non-cat lady like that.
Oh, that sweet, sweet face.

I'm going to refrain from posting the photo of Lil' Frank taking a dump on the deck. (Why? Why? Why did I feel the need to capture that moment?). Because I love you that much.

All images courtesy of me, my lack of artistic vision, and my questionable taste.


mel said...

Oh man I hate when I'm so sick that it feels better to breathe through the coughed-into-for-days collar of my jacket.

We have loads of dog pictures. Because they're our babies. Or were. Sadly, I think they each wish they could adopt themselves out now that the baby's here. Not really. She feeds them better than we ever did!

sherilee said...

You knew I'd comment on your dishes, didn't you?! Such fabulous color. I'll be over for tea in a flash, ha ha.

I wish my dogs would sit still for photos. I have many whooshy-blurry shots... not good for much of anything!

itsjustme said...

I took a picture of deer pooping once and then sent it out as postcards. Funniest postcards EVER. Pooping photos make me laugh. Of course I teach high school, so maybe it's just me.

Cyndi B. said...

You can post as many pictures of the dogs as you want...they are awesome! (although I do thank you for not posting the pooping picture.)

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am viciously jealous of your new dishes. And your dog is so sweet. I believe I would sit through all 4,278 vacation slides if only for the commentary you'd offer for each one!

Average Jane said...

I love the dishes! I'm *this* close to getting rid of my THREE sets of dishes and starting over with something much more fun.

JeanGenie said...

Love love love the Fiestaware. Brilliant idea.

I once took a picture of a used condom I saw near the Washington monument in DC. It was a high school choir trip. Nuff said.

8 said...

Ok what is for dinner and can we eat off your AWESOME dishes???? I'll bring the wine. Then we will laugh so hard it will come out our noses!

Laura said...

Love the dishes! They are springtastic-fabulous.

I too have lots of dog pictures - I don't get out much.

Would that be My Guy with the sweet puppy dog?

Trixie Bang Bang said...

Ahem. Cats Rule. Dogs Drool. Said the crazy cat-lady.