Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Land of the free, home of the grouchy.

We spent Independence Day fighting off aliens.

OK, maybe not. We spent it spreading approximately 97 tons of mulch around our backyard. We shall have independence from weeds!

This brave fight also means that we are exhausted from working in the heat. Our plans to go watch fireworks? Totally abandoned in favor of watching the Boston Pops on the teevee. We might even go to bed before it's over.

As if you needed further proof that we're old and decrepit, My Guy just turned to me and said, "If I hear any illegal fireworks after 10 p.m., I'm totally calling the cops."

Did I mention I found an inch-long hair growing out of my jawline the other day? We are so ancient and gross and have obviously given up on life.

And how was your holiday?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You two kids crack me up!
That's a crapload of mulch. Guess that would make anyone crabby, having to lay it out in this heat.

Average Jane said...

Oh yeah, yard work. I'm going to have to get around to that sometime.

My husband and I didn't so much as glimpse a firework on TV this year. However, we did get in some nice nap time.

Violet said...

Oof, yardwork in this heat? That automatically comes with a side of grumpy.

4th of July used to be my favorite holiday but I turned all curmudgeonly yesterday, grumbling about the idiots shooting off (now legal) fireworks all over the damn place. I can tell you that now I know what it sounds like to live in a combat zone.

slow panic said...

I need to mulch.

We skipped the fireworks and went to bed early and slept.

Pretty sure I am even more old and more decrepit then you.

Kate said...

and what is WITH those hairs? Where do they come from? They spring from our chins, fully formed, the follicular incarnation of Athena (had to google that for accuracy).

But really. HOW do we not see them growing there? It's not right.

sherilee said...

That's pretty much how it went around here, too, though replace mulch with weed-whacking/pulling, in our case. The garden looks better, and we DID enjoy a tasty meal of garden-fresh produce, but the idea of spending the day at a body of water or park or just lolling about? Sadly foreign in our home, it seems.

And we had neighbors blow a ton of money on really good fireworks, so I didn't have to go anywhere! Just watched from my perch in our master bedroom and enjoyed... they were also kind enough to be done by 10!

cookingwithgas said...

as you know we had real Derf in the house which meant I could cook and relax for some fun.
My DIL is trying to have a baby and is going through some stuff as well. You would think this would be easy- just insert here and ....seems it is harder than that.
They are going on 2 years of trying. Then again my daughter spent 10 years trying and got a surprise worth keeping 2 years ago after being told your chances are a big old 0 of having kids.
Glad to meet you- carry on.