Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In which I go off on this new-fangled "interior design."

I've been nesting. This means that I've been organizing my linen closet, hanging curtains, and wondering just how I managed to land a husband with such an amazing hanger dowry.

Seriously. The man has So. Many. Hangers. He says that for a long time, he'd just pick up a pack whenever he was at Target. Now, it means that we have bags and bags of excess hangers. Sadly, I do not think this means I need to go clothes shopping to pick up the excess, although I have offered. Because I am a team player.

All of my nesting serves to make me feel productive even though I can barely manage to respond to emails right now, much less contemplate maybe someday at some point in the far future applying for another job.

Seriously. I'll stick to hangers for now. Thanks.

In the midst of sorting hangers, I've also spent some time on Pinterest. Since I can no longer watch Hoarders for inspiration to get my house in order, I now have to turn to the Internet. It feels so dirty.

But Pinterest is filled with dorm-room decor ideas right now. And, honestly? This killllls me.

I went to a women's college my freshman year, and there was exactly 1 - ONE! - pair of roommates in my entire dorm that coordinated their comforters prior to arriving at school. They went on to compete together in a series of local Miss America pageants.

Now, it appears that you're supposed to have this entire tricked-out dorm plan. Matching comforters, coordinating rugs, and towels, lamps and accessories that complete the look. And really, you should consider replacing your room's light fixture - just for the year - in order to more accurately express yourself.

And if your dorm room sucks, you won't have any friends.

Oh, man.

Couple this with my distaste for Uggs and sweatpants with sayings on the butt and I would completely fail college now.

My dorm room ensemble included a hot pink comforter and maroon towels. Nothing matched. But nobody else had stuff that matched, either, so it was fine. We didn't have air conditioning nor any sense of interior design, and we liked it!

I might be slightly bitter because I watched a VH1 countdown show this weekend that recapped the top songs of my formative years, the 90s. The soundtrack to my college experience evidently sucked. I now realize that it both looked and sounded bad.


Violet said...

Oh, dude. I went back to college last semester. Undergraduate. On-campus. At a Big 10 school. Since I am the age of most of my student-peers' parents (and older than half of last semester's professors...), it has been interesting and funny to say the least. My first go-round with college was in the 80s and things are so the same and so different!

I have very strong opinions about the push to conform, which is what I think this dorm room "design" business is all about. I sense a stronger pressure to fit in now (THE clothes, THE shoes, THE bag, etc.) than I ever felt.

smalltownme said...

When my son goes to college in 2 years he is NOT going to be worried about coordinating comforters. It's just sad that young women are a target for these giant commercials.

slow panic said...

First of all, I caught up a bit on your past posts and I am so sorry for the job loss and what's been going on. I tried commenting a few times but had some technical difficulties -- those being I forgot my password and got mad at google when i tried to reset it.

I'm kind of tired of the pressure retailers put on us. especially on kids. and yes, when i was walking through target yesterday i just for a moment thought about picking up a new comforter. even though i don't need one.....