Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ask Cha Cha.

I've been faced with many questions lately.

Question: Why do you sound like a frog who smokes three packs a day?
Asked by: Everyone
Answer: My cold is back. And I am pissed.

Question: Should everyone get a second dog?
Asked by: You know who you are
Answer: Yes. Shelters and rescue groups are busier than ever with animals that have been handed over due to the recession. If you have an itch to maybe get another dog, I say go for it. Lil' Frankfurter concurs.

Question: How did you get through your depression - that dark, awful, worst part - all by yourself?
Asked by: My dear, sweet friend who is in that same dark, deep hole right now
Answer: This question sort of surprised me - I hadn't really thought about it. My gut reaction, and I think the most honest one? I just did. I just got through it.

A more thorough response is that I took time in very small increments. A half-an-hour meeting? Ok, I can get through that. And I had wonderful friends who helped carry me through, especially before the Zoloft kicked in. And really? I just hope I can return the favor.

Question: Why is there no ice cream in the house?
Asked by: Me
Answer: There is no good answer to this, the question of our time. It's especially painful to note that there is also no chocolate in the house.

Question: Have you seen vh1's One Hit Wonders of the 80s?
Asked by: My imaginary friend
Answer: Yes! And it's wonderful! I had forgotten all about Frank Stallone. He has provided the theme song for the epic Cha Cha Versus The Cold From Hades fight: I am down, but I am far from over!

Question: So, uh, are you going to take some NyQuil?
Asked by: Lil' Frank and Foxie Doxie, who are tired of my raspy voice and are exhausted from their nursing duties
Answer: Ok, if you say so.


LaDue & Crew said...

You are amazing... and you are incredibly funny! I <3 you, Cha Cha...

Karen Jensen said...

I agree! Let us call for a two dog minimum!

Iron Needles said...

Those are very good questions, and even better answers.

Get thee some chocolate ice cream now, though. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Try Mucinex--we've had that nasty cough round these parts too.
I love your imaginary friends--they seem nice.
Amen to the shelter need.
You need to stock up on ice cream like I stock up on TP because running out is NO FUN. At all.

Pamela The Great said...

My question is, when are having drinks?

Pamela The Great said...

My coherent question would be: When are WE having drinks? Kevy would love this.

you gotta wonder said...

Get well! I love that you are witty, even if your throat is worthless.

Nyquil is a wonderful thing. Use with caution.

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written, as per usual. Hope you feel better soon!!

日月神教-向左使 said...