Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, and today I spilled ketchup on my dress pants - not once, but twice.

I almost passed out getting ready for work this morning. I'd been doing ok this weekend, but I was also spending about half of each day laying about like a bum. But actually getting up and trying to get ready for work? Harsh.

So, I went to the doctor. The plague? Now has a name. Sinus infection, you suck. I hate you. And I hate the antibiotic that's making me feel better already but that makes my mouth taste like I just cleaned a toilet with my tongue.

So, yeah, I am an awesome sick person. Everybody wants to be around me.

However, in between my bouts of sleeping this weekend, I managed to fit in three very important things:

1. I bought a pair of cowboy boots. I know! But they are beautiful. I went with a friend to pick something up from the western store in town and got suckered in. And, it was the first and only store I've ever been in where the owners sell clothes and smoke in the store. Yee-haw.

2. I watched Rock of Love Bus. Ok, all the brunette girls who seemed so normal compared with the blonde strippers? Are batshit crazy. The one normal girl got kicked off this week, so Bret is left with the choice of Whiny-and-Emotionally-High-Maintenance Mindy or Have-I-Mentioned-I'm-Penthouse-Pet-of-the-Year Taya (Whose Real Name is Laurie).

Jeeeeezus, Bret. Just call me, ok? We will find you a nice girl. A nice, sane girl who hasn't flashed her goods for the entire universe to see.

3. I went on a date. With a guy from The Interwebnets. And it was great! We talked and talked and laughed and laughed and laughed. And he said he "really was" going to call me - which was weird, because it never occurred to me that he wouldn't call, because this was a great date. And I am naive like that.

That was Saturday. And now it's Monday, and I'm starting to be all, "When's he gonna call?" I've turned into That Woman. Just like in the movies. Except with a messier house. And a sinus infection that makes me sounds like I've smoked for 50 years. Because I'm attractive like that.


Madge said...

did you have fries with that (I am totally referring to the ketchup in the title of your post)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, phooey. I had a nice long comment almost finished and my internet crashed so I'll try to repeat as much as I can.

I started with Oh my Cha Cha. I hope you feel better and better and better and that you taste better too (for you, not that I would taste you . . . unless . . . no, on second thought I'll spare you that thought process) But, I would like to know the ketchup story - you left us hanging with that tease leaving me only to imagine how that could have happened twice. I think we need to know this.

I love cowboy boots and am jealous. L O V E them. I want to see.

I have given up on Bret. Actually gave up on him when it didn't work out with the last one. I have no patience for him any longer. I think he is out of his mind and becoming less and less interesting/attractive with his latest choices. He doesn't want anything long term obviously and so it blows the whole fantasy of him wanting to be in love - he just wants to get laid and have everyone know about it. Can you tell I'm a little miffed at him?
sigh . . . if he'd only listen to me.

Feel better! Taste better! Tell us when he calls!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Don't you feel like it should be called something worse than "sinus infection"? I had one of those last year and it was BRUTAL. I mean, I really thought I might die. And when the doctor called it a sinus infection? Well, if I'd had the strength, I certainly would have hauled off and hit him. Because, really. I thought I was going to die.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I get sinus infections on such a regular basis that my ENT will just call antibiotics into the pharmacy rather than dealing with me in his office yet again. And those antibiotics?? I totally know what you're talking about... wait until you get the ones that taste like sulfur smells. Fabulous.

Feel better!!

itsjustme said...

I hate it when they don't call, well, except when I am really hoping that they will call and then they don't call. I was a little worried date 8 wasn't gonna call, but he did, and he hasn't annoyed me yet, which, we all know, is amazing.

Were you wearing white? Cause I won't even eat food with color on days I wear white or cream because it is like a guarantee better than any store guarantee that if I wear those colors I will have food on me before the end of the day. I hate that shit.

Wear your boots when we go for our marguarita. . .I hope you weren't kidding. I'm looking forward to laughing my ass off with you in person.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you simply must give up on Bret and start strutting in your boots. I mean it. Let the Rock Bus of Love drive away. Wave goodbye. Now go put on your boots and dance.