Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Important lessons.

I learned a few things this weekend.

1. No matter how hard I try, I will never be as tall as my brother. Notice that he is slouching and I am thinking tall to no avail.
2. Shih tzus do not appreciate the full Nelson wrestling hold. Also, Poochie is brilliant.3. Balancing the demands of children is a challenge.
4. Sort of like last year, when they inadvertently exchanged the exact same card for their anniversary, my parents often think alike. They did not coordinate their outfits on purpose, nor did they consider the photo ops of Easter Sunday. However, they are just the most gorgeous couple in the universe.
And shih tzus like to be held, just not in a full Nelson.
I am rich. RICH!


LaDue & Crew said...

Love the butt shot, lol! Yup, you are rich. Totally.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Why is it that my internet is fine all day until I am half way through a long post to you and it crashes and I lose everything I just wrote? Aaargh. Maybe I am not supposed to write what I do to you. Like . . .

You have a great ass! Look at those legs leading up to it! You are a cutey patooty! And your brother is cute too. It's good to be short, trust me. I am tall. It is not as cute and very much limits your prospects no matter how comfortable you are with it. My daughter if 5' 3" and dating a boy that is 6' 4" and yes, he teases her but they are so cute together. Anyway, it would be creepy (like Bret) if I said your parents were HOT, so I'll just say they are a lovely couple that seem like the parents of such a lovely daughter.

By the way, your hair is looking gorgeous! Growing nicely. I may join you in this conquest. I have much further to grow than you, but maybe someday we can get together and fling our long locks about sensually as if we were in a shampoo commercial. That would be fun.

I am swooping here a bit. I'm swooping through the last couple of your posts. Hope that's okay.

Bret, oh Bret. What a stupid head. I have lost my attraction to the man. He is like the old story - you can sometimes think someone is so not your type or unattractive until you get to know them and then you do and they are much more attractive than you gave them credit. Then, the ones you think are gorgeous, after you get to know them are so unattractive. Bret is a horndog. If he only knew that bad boys with class AND TASTE are so much more attractive then stupid, unclassy, horndog bad guys. Oh well. Thank you for your attention to this story to keep me on track!

Glad to hear about the guy you do like. Not glad to hear about the Christian guy that likes your wicked sense of humor. I'm Christian and you are not too naughty for me! What does that say?

Love you Cha Cha!

Anonymous said...

My God, Cha Cha... we have the same freaking haircut! Now if I only had your ass!!