Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey jealousy.

I think I've snapped out of my "I can't believe I'm here (aka single, never married, no kids, giant loser)" funk. I'd like to thank:

1. Take Your Child to Work Day. This morning, the lobby at Corporate Behemoth was filled with nervous young lads and lasses accompanying mom and dad to work. I was on the elevator with an earnest boy of about 9 and his dad. The boy was carrying a Corporate Behemoth bag and looked at his dad for confirmation that they should get off at the 15th floor. I wanted to just eat him with a spoon.

By lunch, the cuteness had ... faded. The cafeteria was filled with slightly frazzled parents and their hyper offspring who couldn't believe that pizza and pop were available for lunch EVERY DAY!

By about 3:30, the parents were easily identifiable: haggard, short-tempered and sporting paper-clip necklaces. They left early.

2. My shrink. We talked - again - about I Can't Believe I'm Here, and she said, "Honey, you are so lucky you didn't marry Ex-Ex! You could have Baby Number One, and Baby Number Two, or maybe Baby Number One and then Twins, and you'd be with that loser or you'd be alone with all those kids! Be glad you're eating cereal and a chocolate chip cookie for dinner."

I lurve her.

3. Poochie. Because he is my friend, always makes me laugh, and has agreed to help paint my house. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a brother who is A Man?


LaDue & Crew said...

I heart poochie...

And yes, I was one of those "Take your kids to work day" moms that ended up grounding her kid before the day was over.

Madge said...

i work at home and so every day is take my kids to work day. yeah, i leave early every day.

sometimes i am very jealous of your life -- single, no kids, free, no kids, single... you get the idea.

guess the grass is always greener.

i heart your therapist too

Anonymous said...

You've got it right there, girlfriend! There's a good reason I ask D every morning, "Isn't it take your kid to work day today?" Apparently the answer is NEVER for him.

itsjustme said...

Hey girly girl, I totally feel for you. I'm glad take your child to work day broke you of your funk with the help of shrink and poochie, of course. I have had a bit of a funk of my own. I think my latest, that I might really like, might not like me. sigh. Isn't that how it always is?

you gotta wonder said...

God bless Poochie and loving our own place in life.


You know what they careful what you wish for. AND I have always heard that when you aren't looking and least expect it it will happen.

Be VERY selective. The older we get the less flexible we are to their "ways".

日月神教-向左使 said...