Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cha Cha, this is your life!

A few random things:

1. The other day, I noticed a few kernels of popcorn on the floor of a stall in the ladies' room at Corporate Behemoth. This means someone took popcorn with them into the stall. Now, while I have been known to linger in a stall and do some deep breathing as a means of stress relief, I've never actually brought snacks. I'm going to be all judgmental and say, "EWWW!"

2. Second Chance Guy won't let up.

First, there was this text: If I call, will u answer?

Umm? Considering I haven't responded to any of your texts in two weeks? I'm guessing the answer should be apparent.

Then, there was the e-mail via match.com:
Subject: Hi
I just wanted to say hi.

Ok, then. I just hope "hi" isn't code for "I'm sitting outside of your house in my van and don't you mind the duct tape and packing knife in the seat next to me."

I'm starting to be a bit creeped out, although my shrink thinks the e-mail means he's getting the message.

3. Because I love Journey, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

And ... that's all I've got.


Unknown said...

Random Thing1: Couldn't agree more. I don't like it when people bring their cell phone in to the bathroom either.

Random Thing2: Hopefully, he will take the hint soon. Too bad there isn't a 'return to sender' function on text messaging and emails so you could respond without really responding.

Random Thing3: Great video!

LaDue & Crew said...

Popcorn in the potty... Ewwwy is right!

Text him this back: Um, I'm sorry dude, but I've had this new cell# now for 2 weeks and have no clue who you are...

Steve Perry was my fantasy man!! This video made me laugh so much I have to send it to my sister!

Pamela The Great said...

Wow, I kind of feel sorry for this guy in a way. What is he thinking? "I will pester her into submission?" Cha Cha, you may be holding some kind of record for having the "most annoying hanger on ever..."

I can't believe he won't let up.

Cyndi B. said...

Love the video!

Don't answer the creeper!! Stay away, far away...

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Second Chance guy is OUT OF CONTROL! Stay AWAY, Cha Cha!!

That video's so funny. I think I may have found a new addiction with these literal versions...good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh man--anything in the stall is ick.
Poor lame man.
That video got me thinking: What were they thinking when they conceived this video? Or most music videos for that matter??? (I'm hung up on that Devo video now...)

Molly said...

I love the creepiness of online dating. Second Chance Guy sounds like a reaaaaal winner :::eyeroll::: I'm on jdate. and trust me, just as creepy! If i'm 20 and the guy viewing me is 35.. does he really think we have a chance? What about the 50 year old who looked at my profile...

LaDue is a freaking genius. I think you should text him and say that!