Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why HGTV doesn't qualify as a reality channel.

Today is Day 2 of Cha Cha and Poochie's Madcap Home Maintenance Adventure.

We painted the garage, futzed with my friend L.'s broken powerwasher, settled for spraying down the old metal shed with a regular hose, and repainted the shed by hand when the paint sprayer died.

We are exhausted. Did I mention it's hot?

Poochie has downed two gallons of Arnold Palmer so far. It's lemonade and iced tea, and if I liked iced tea, I'd think it was pretty good, too.

And at lunch today? Poochie decided that the one thing that would power him through the rest of the day was a Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake.

Who was I to argue?

The kid at BR asked Poochie how many people he was feeding ... and offered to write "We're Done!" on the cake when Poochie explained the painting / siblings gorging themselves situation.

My garage is mostly done except for touching up trim. And the shed just needs one more coat. We're eating chocolate cake and mint chocolate ice cream. Life is good. And this is what real house projects look like.


LaDue & Crew said...

So... can you and Poochie head on over to my pad, say, in a few weeks? I'm painting a castle on my daughters bedroom wall and could use the help. Ok... at least some drinking partners to keep me laughing at least- please?!

you gotta wonder said...

Wow! You're making me reminisce over the days/weeks/months spent renovating our last house so we could sell it. I'm still sore. That was 4 years ago! I'm just bitter cuz we skipped the gorging after.

But laboring in the hot sun? Yeah, trying to finish the landscaping before it hits triple digits. Each day. Wish we'd wrapped this up a month ago.