Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't mind me.

About 99.97% of the photos featuring Foxie Doxie feature not a dog, but a brown, possibly furry blur.

Foxie? Not a sedentary sort of dog.

This used to really annoy me - mostly because I felt like I totally had favorites. I had a gazillion photos of the Geriatric Poodle and maybe 2 of Foxie Doxie.

But now that I have joined the modern world and own a digital camera, my photographic outlook has changed. Because of the sheer volume of photos that I take of Foxie and Lil' Frankfurter, I think some of the blurry ones are just marvelous.

Now, this is real hot dog action.
Lil' Frank has the ball ... he's at the 40! He's at the 30! Twenty! Ten ...
Sometimes? I'm too slow and I miss all the action. I have a lot of photos of the floor or the yard.

But other times I end up with something like a graceful watercolor. I just love this photo, so in the tradition of overbearing mothers everywhere, I must implore you: Look at my baby!

Ok, I'm done now. Return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Madge said...

love your photos. love those blurry dogs.

yeah, i have a zillion photos of my first born and about two of my second. it's a parental hazard.

Anonymous said...

You need that super-speed film the NBA photographers use;)


I have this problem with Oliver. His head is a smear across the photo. I have one setting for moving objects that seems to work well. I just doesn't work well in settings that aren't well lit. Sigh.

you gotta wonder said...

Al-the-killer-cat likes to twine himself around my legs which makes for awkward photo-taking. I keep meaning to post the series of photos of him in my lap. Ah, the ever-charming pet photos. Thank you for sharing.