Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stuff I actually said today.

While welcoming a four-legged friend back into the house:
"Yay! We have both kinds of potty: tinkle and poopie!"

While hearing about a coworker's visit to a museum about the Salem witch trials:
"Well, who doesn't love a good diorama about being burned at the stake?"

While presenting to about 50 coworkers about the importance of editorial consistency:
"You can get away with anything as long as you're consistent. It's like your cousin who always comes to Thanksgiving dinner without a shirt. After a few years, your grandma just expects it and is then just glad that he's wearing pants. It's consistent. What? That's just my family? Oh."


you gotta wonder said...

I need you to come to more of the meetings I'm in. Between the two of us we'll have 'em all ROFL. You've got me ROFL, no doubt.

Cyndi B. said...

I could stay awake at meetings run by you!!

Rebecca said...

I hope you got a nice rowdy laugh for the consistency story!


Sarahviz said...

Huh. So is it poopie or poopy?

mel said...

Whoa. Sounds like there is competition for my family holidays out there after all! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

You KILL me. I'm glad to be your bloggy friend--you make me giggle:)