Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Head lice update!

This morning, I received this e-mail from my darling mama.

Subject: About your blog

Yes, I do remember the incident of the head lice and thought you would appreciate a little update. I saw Inez yesterday and she had just talked to Maxine (who lives in the nursing home across from where Marcy lived on 12th). Maxine told Inez about a new resident ... had trouble remembering the name at first. Maxine said she was really quite ... well, she was very ... Maxine (gentle lady that she is) finally settled on saying that this new resident needed to learn patience and to tone things down a bit. Oh, and her name was Mrs. Hoar.

Just a little smile for your Wednesday.

Love you -


I wonder if they do lice checks at the home.


Madge said...

Mrs. Hoar. hilarious

Leslie Smith said...

did I ever tell you about the time last fall when the head lice visited our house, if only for a brief moment? It proved to me that there are reasons to genetically modify your children to have very light/see through colors of hair. Like my children's. My genetically modified children.

Your buttons keep screaming for you from the cupboard. they demand to return home. I've told them to can it -- that i'm very busy, and can't they see that? -- but they won't stand for injustice. They've been very well trained. Good job cha cha!

LaDue & Crew said...

LOL! You should dress up like a nurse and go do a "check" on her.... Bwaaaa haaaa haaaa!

Anonymous said...

She probably really hated life. I would, if I married a Hoar.