Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beating the winter blahs.


It's the third week of January. It's been foggy all week. It's the busiest time of year at Corporate Behemoth and my team is understaffed. My jeans are too tight and I'm tired.

I need some of this.
And this.
And to remember all about this.
Sadly, I did not get the calming, rejuvenating kick I had hoped for by spending the evening in my pajamas, watching The Biggest Loser. Somebody needs to kick some of those people in their situations, if you know what I mean. It's called personal accountability - you might look into it.

What were we talking about again?

Oh, right. Not getting mired down in the yuck. I'm taking personal accountability.

Any suggestions?


itsjustme said...

With the tiniest bit of OCD, I have to put EVERYTHING on my calendar. 15min talking to friend I miss, 30 min working out, blah, blah.

On the other hand, sometimes I just say, I give myself 5 days to not give a flip and I'll worry about that later. (I can be very Scarlet like.)

Anonymous said...

I have two words for you: Spa Weekend. The only question is WHEN?
Shall we meet in Iowa?

hope505 said...

I'm with Greens on this one...spa day including massage, some kind of body-wrap, sauna or steam, whirlpool, hot tub or swim, and maybe a mani-pedi! Doooo iiittt!!

For my own personal 2 cents, maybe switch up whatever music you've been listening to...buy a couple new CD's or download some new tunes! I just bought a Roy Orbison "best of" compilation and I'm really loving "You Got It!"

...anything you want...you got it...baaaaayyy-beeeee!!

日月神教-向左使 said...