Wednesday, January 6, 2010

High highs and low, low lows.

Yesterday? Was a day of great triumph and celebration amongst my peoples. My Iowa Hawkeyes killed it in the Orange Bowl. Like, complete and utter domination.

Thank you, sweet eight-pound, six-ounce baby Jesus in your golden fleece diaper.
And I will admit that when they were showing season highlights during the pregame show? Somebody got a little bit teary-eyed. Never mind how blissed out I was that BCS games actually have pregame shows and gaudy half-time shows. It's big time, my friends. Big frickin' time.

But about the time the game ended? One of my high school classmates passed away. She'd had a massive stroke and was life-flighted Monday night. Last night, she passed. She left behind a husband and two little kids.

I didn't know her super well, but I'm from a small town - we are tight tribe. She was never anything but smiling and kind. She grew up to be a nurse. She was a good person.

So, sweet baby Jesus? I'm having trouble understanding. I can only imagine how those two little kids will ever understand the loss of their mommy.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Cha Cha. A wife and mother and so young - it's just sad. I don't understand this sort of thing either.

Iron Needles said...

That is a very tough, very sad thing. But crap happens.

I know. I lost a parent when I was barely four and my little sister was not yet two.

(We may serve as a cautionary tale, however...)

Anonymous said...

How terribly sad for those kids and that husband. But the Hawkeyes? Made their state very happy indeed.

gertrude said...

I'm so sorry about your classmate - that is awful.

For what it's worth - I did think of you while watching the game. With a mother from Atlanta I was obligated to also root for Tech, but equally happy when the Hawkeyes won. Congrats on a great season!

8 said...

So sorry to hear about your classmate. That is rough.

Beth said...

So sorry to hear about your classmate. It really just sucks, big time. Being from a town in Iowa, I know about the tight knit group. My thoughts are w/her husband and children.

On a happier note, I loved the game!!! Way to go Hawkeyes!!!!