Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let me give you my card.

Yesterday, on my way to a chiropractic appointment, I made a pit stop in the ladies' room.

Yeah, you know this is going to be a great post.

Anyway, in the stall, there was a business card - just sitting on the little metal trash bin. You know, the sanitary personal hygiene disposal bin?


Tiger Jones
Professional Boxer
Amateur 0-236-7
Pro 0-32-2
Thai 2-47-3
Telephone 555-1212
Fax 555-2222

OK, then.

My gut reaction was, "Well. I guess boxers don't e-mail."

But then I woke up and started asking the tough questions. How does the business card for a boxer end up on top of the sanitary personal hygiene disposal bin thing for secret ladypart products? In the restroom of an office building?

And does the boxer reprint his business cards with every new fight? Otherwise, he's giving out-of-date information ... information that's supposed to speak for itself.

And if his record speaks for itself, why does he even need a phone number?

And then I looked up boxing records with my friend Google. Tiger's record sucks. He's only won two bouts. Out of 329.

So, having his business card land on top of a metal sanitary secret ladyparts product trash bin disposal thingy must either be finally hitting bottom, or just another exciting adventure in a life led with great humor.

It makes me want to print up bogus business cards and leave them in random places, just to see who will e-mail me.


Cyndi B. said...

He probably gave it to a woman ("Give me a call sometime, babe") and finding it in her purse while looking for a "ladypart product" she threw it away on the nearest trash bin. Best guess I can come up with.

What I wonder is...why, if you had such a crappy fight record, would you want to broadcast that???

Anonymous said...

That is so funny and random--who ever heard of boxers having business cards!

8 said...

I am with Cybdi B. The gal left the card there as a warning to others who may run in to this guy. "Loser Alert". She was doing a public service by leaving it there for you to find!


I think that is a very interesting idea. You could write many posts about the various emails you get.

Caron said...

That is too funny - My record speaks for itself! It does indeed, but does HE know what it's saying?