Thursday, March 11, 2010

My mom is brilliant.

While I've been sitting on my ass, waiting for the Zoloft to kick in, I've been receiving certain e-mails.

From my mother.

Remember Krampus?

Yes. Everybody's favorite dancing frog family mascot is on the loose. See, whenever I leave my parents' house, I inevitably forget something. I think it's my mom's way of insuring that I will return. At Christmas? Well, I forgot Krampus.

I know. I feel horrible. I had a cold. He blended in with the Christmas decorations. I am a terrible parent. I have no excuse.

So, lately? Krampus has gotten sick of sitting on his ass, waiting for me to get off my ass and come get him.

I guess my parents' living room gets dull after a while. The frog is now on some sort of walkabout. And I am the lucky recipient of his vacation photos. This one makes me think of "Gonna fly now" from Rocky.

This one made me nervous.
And with good reason. This next photo accompanied an e-mail that simply said, "Ohhhhh ... shhhhiiiiii ... "
Any bets on where Krampus will end up next? I just hope he has the good sense not to end up in Vegas, married to a waitress.


hope505 said...

You have officially made my day. And it's after 9 p.m. *haha!* Now I can claim some worth to the day: I got to see Krampus.!!
Somewhere between groundhog day and easter...yes, like the precursor to the easter bunny!
thanks, man.

mel said...

That there is good made me laugh out loud and spit coffee on my desk. I think I love your mom.

Anonymous said...

Krampus makes me smile too!
That's a frog who definitely needs his own theme song.

Caron said...

oh, post them all! those are great.

jean said...

This reminds me of the Flat Stanley project my son had to do in grammer school. We sent Flat Stanley to visit my Uncle in Vermont.

8 said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!! I was roflmao when I read this! Love your mom! Such a great sense of humor!

I am with cndymkr / jean about the Flat Stanley thing. My mom carted him around town for a couple of days and took pictures with him all over Salem, OR. Maybe if Krampus is famous enough there will be a book about him too.

slow panic said...

what a very cool mom you have to do that. all i got out of my mom today was "does your husband suffer from sleep apnea?" totally out of the blue. kinda freaked me out.


I love that. Your mom must be a hoot.