Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dogs rule.

Foxie Doxie and I spent the evening watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Or, as we refer to it around these parts, "DOGSHOW!"

As someone who is officially insane over dogs, of course I loved it. Foxie wasn't all that interested, but is always in support of couch time. Everybody wins.

The really great part of DOGSHOW! was the winner - a 10-year-old Sussex Spaniel named, appropriately, Stump.

The really hard part of DOGSHOW! was the Pedigree Foundation commercials. Heartbreakers of dogs in shelters, with the David Duchovny voice over, "I know how to sit. But I don't know how I ended up here. I just want to go home."

Oh. My. Gawwwwwwd.

I am a total sucker. And I've been thinking about adopting another dog. I know that shelters and rescue organizations are overwhelmed - more so than usual - because of the economy. I feel like it's my moral responsibility to take in a dog because I am able.

Which I know sounds really ... weird.

And some of my friends and definitely my folks think I'm insane. Which, I understand. And, to be fair, one dog is way easier than two.

I think about the Geriatric Poodle every single day. Sometimes, I pull up a picture of him on my computer and leave it open all day, just so I can see him while I work. But this isn't about replacing him, because that's impossible. It's about ... seeing exactly how much dog hair my couch will support.

And it's about creating joy. For me, for Foxie, and for a to-be-determined member of our pack. Foxie is the deal-breaker, of course. No new dog without Foxie's prior written consent and approval.

Or, maybe it's just about me becoming a spinster and being allergic to cats and therefore needing an alternative to the 23 cats / housecoat / piles of newspapers power combo. Two dogs / dog-hair-encrusted yoga pants / piles of paperbacks to send to Africa is a good start, don't you think?.


Cyndi B. said...

We just brought home another beagle puppy (Mary Ann) to be a friend to the beagle puppy we brought home last year (Ginger). I was worried they wouldn't get along, the older one would be jealous, the little one wouldn't be able to hold her own...all the usual.

What a waste of worrying energy! They are the BEST FRIENDS EVER!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I think you're right to let Foxie cast the deciding ballot.

Sara said...

Hey, I know this rescue league in your area... :-)

I think you should do whatever makes you and Foxie happy. You were a great mom to two dogs before, so you know what you're committing to. And I don't think getting a second dog means you're on the way to becoming the canine Angelina.

Anonymous said...

I actually understand this post completely... everyone thought I was insane when I decided to get a second dog, but I just felt in my heart that it was time. And when I found the right dog at the Humane Society, I brought my first dog in to "meet" him, and see how they reacted to each other. They were "brothers" from the very start, and are so attached to each other now. The new dog tends to roam the neighborhood on occasion, and when he runs away, the first dog lies by the front door waiting for him to return. It's actually very sweet. I don't regret my decision for a second, and I don't think you will either ;-)

LaDue & Crew said...

I think it's a great idea! See, you're a born Mommy, thinking of all those orphans. I don't think Foxie Doxie would mind- he'd have a new play friend!

jean said...

Aren't those commercials killers? I want a dog but Mr. Crankypants doesn't. So get another one so I can live vicariously through you.

you gotta wonder said...

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