Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love will keep us together.

That stupid groundhog saw his shadow, so we are all doomed to freeze for another six months. Or weeks. Whatever.

And it's suddenly February, that magical month of Valentine's Day. I have been in denial ever since I visited Joann's Fabrics the Sunday before Christmas and they had their Valentine's Day stuff out already. I would say Joann's is now dead to me, but who are we kidding? She hurts me, yet I forgive her every time.

So. The season of love is upon us. And, a few days ago, I somehow magically surpassed my 300th blog post. The moons of Jupiter are aligning.

You know what that means! Time for a giveaway!

Gimme your very best love or Valentine's Day-related haiku. You know - three lines, first and last with five syllables, the middle line with seven. Like this:

Oh Foxie Doxie
With your long and wily tongue
Don't French me again

You get the idea. Leave your haiku in the comments by midnight this Friday. Feel free to enter multiple haikus, and let your creativity flow. Extra credit will be given to poems that make me laugh and / or make the idea of being single on this most wretched holiday seem tolerable.

One lucky winner will receive a Fabulous Valentine's Day Gift Pack. This wondrous assortment of goodies includes many delightful surprises and a scarf knitted with love - not necessarily skill - by yours truly.

The Fabulous Valentine's Day Gift Pack doesn't include any kind of puke-inducing white teddy bears, yucky, cheap chocolate, or some random-ass card that you know I picked up at the last minute at Walgreens when the selection was totally picked over.

And yes, I really would make an excellent boyfriend.

Thanks for reading. Help me share the love.


Minnesota Matron said...


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh Cha Cha, a haiku. I haven't written a haiku in probably 25-30 years. Gosh darn it! Am I that old that I can say that? Thanks for bringing me to THAT revelation! Okay, well, I don't want to get any older, so I will relive my youth and do my homework and try to enter my best effort for this magnificent challenge. So, I'll be back with that entry.

As for Valentine's Day - I have never ever been a fan. I think grade school ruined it for me when you HAD to give everyone something lovey dovey, even the folks that weren't really your cup of tea. If you brought for one, you had to bring for everyone so there was never any mystical romantic ambiance to it for me. We do very little about celebrating it around here. Though I do have to say that two years ago, for some reason, my honey bought a cheapo box of kids' valentines and hid them all over our house. I am still finding them tucked away in boots and pockets and books and sock drawers and band-aid boxes and . . . Kind of a P.S. I Love You movie thing going on (except my honey is still alive I guess). So, he lifted a bit of the distaste I have for the whole idea. He might even help me write the haiku. By the way, since he might be involved, will there be any extra points for lesbian suggestive prose? Ha!

I think I might have a date with an airplane on the 14th, white knuckles, churning stomach, and tranquilizers. So think of me if you find yourself dreading it!

Love you baby!

p.s. Your bro is right. *He* threw it all away and if he is that stupid, it has nothing to do with you. YOU are perfect and wonderful!

Rebecca said...

OHG, I totally want that scarf made by yours truly!!! I'll work on a haiku! Or Two. :)

Valentine's Day can be the celebration of the love between friends also...in fact, I'm having a ladies tea party on Valentine's day to celebrate the great women in my life. I'm so excited! I'll be baking like a fiend on Saturday morning to prepare for the party.

You are invited too!


Rebecca said...
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Karen Jensen said...

When I lived in a place that had winter, I was always ready to kill someone by February. And I love your haiku.

Unknown said...

Valentine's Day Fun
Restaurant Seatings, Rude Wait Staff
Why Do We Do It

I am not a fan.

Sara said...

Oh honey, I am working on an epic haiku, just for you. You're going to have to knit me an entire snowsuit.

You are fabulous and you're going to make a great partner for someone who knows how to give as much to the relationship as you do. I suppose this is why I'm so quick to "next" the guy who didn't seem attentive enough on the first dates. You deserve to be the center of someone's galaxy, not just on the periphery.

Cerwydwyn said...

My husband does not
give gems, kisses or candy
but he's good in bed.

Our dog has five pups
fat like little sausages
they smell like springtime

Okay #2 is a suck up but still true. They are Aussie pups and the cutest puppies in the history of the Universe.
Valentines Day is a fake holiday. Buy yourself some wine and watch Secretary or something =)

Anonymous said...

My dear Noodleroux
has a heart like a bright star
its points reach and glow

LaDue & Crew said...

Ok, I'm working on it... it can't be cheap, so give me a few moments. I went to freakin' bed last night thinking of this!! I just had to tell you I'm on it, you know, so you wouldn't think I had abandoned you or sumthin'...

I don't recall a momentous Valentines, ever. So over-rated. My hubby does so much cutesie, romantic stuff though, that I would feel like a schmuck making him feel bad for not doing something on a day he was "supposed to".

you gotta wonder said...

I will need some time.
Haikus don't come easily.
Love is much the same.

LaDue & Crew said...

Haiku's frustrate me
So I made myself a drink
I still cannot think

Mrs.Joe said...

I cant think of one on my own but my favorite tshirt says,

haikus are easy
but sometimes they dont make sense

if I come up with one to compete with these I'll share!

Unknown said...

Take two:

I love you so much
Here’s your stupid Hallmark card
And crappy candy

itsjustme said...

Ate what I wanted
kept warm at night by the dogs
have batt'ries for rest. ; )

Naughty but sincere.

You gotta wonder would be funny and accurate in her haiku. Geez.

LaDue & Crew said...

As I drink my wine
Hubby is hoping for sex
The haiku comes first


LaDue & Crew said...

Frosting a big cake
Can be some sensuous fun
When hubby wears some

... I'm on a roll

LaDue & Crew said...

Future Cha Cha beau
Treat her like a Princess or
Your hiney will hurt

It's a haiku frenzy now...

LaDue & Crew said...

I wrote my haiku's
Hubby pouted before bed
Sorry, Cha Cha's first

Poor guy, stood up for a haiku ;-)