Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot air.

So, what would you do if you discovered that your dog may have peed on your hairdryer?

Welcome to my world.

Lil' Frankfurter still isn't totally housetrained. However, when he does have accidents - well, what I'm calling "accidents," what he's calling "just another bathroom choice" - they are either near the door or in the bathroom.

Right. So, we're getting closer.

Last night he pottied in the bathroom. There was a spot in the middle of the floor, and a puddle between the wall and ... my hairdryer. Because I left my hairdryer on the floor. Because I am a moron.

Now, Lil' Frank has many skillz. If you're looking for a dog to destroy toys or nudge a ball under the bathroom vanity, he is your man. However, I have not seen him display sharpshooting urination skillz. His ability to pee between the hairdryer and the wall without straying from his target is unproven.

There was no obvious urine on the hairdryer. I smelled it, and it smelled like it had been sitting on the floor next to a puddle of pee. Ok, that's to be expected.

And I have an extra hairdryer, so I can just start using that one. But ... what about the hairdryer that may or may not have been peed on? Do I throw it away, adding to the disaster that is our landfill situation? Do I wipe it down and save it for non-hair-related situations that might require ionic drying power? Or do I wipe it down and give it to Goodwill, subjecting some poor, unwitting person to possible urine-tainted hairstyling?

It's a $12 hairdryer from Target. It's not a big loss. It's just a logistical quandary. And the one guy who knows what really happened?
Well, he's not talking.


Rachel from Maine said...

That face!! Oh my.
That is a quandry. I would save it to use for non-personal care. You know, like when you drop your book in the tub when reading while taking a bath. Not that that's ever happened to me.*Ahem*

Beth said...

At least when he makes his mistake he does it in the bathroom. I'd throw it away. You know every time you go to use it you'll wonder, what if it has pee in it.

Iron Needles said...

These stories about your 'weiner puppies' (which is how my girls refer to them, and therefore I must also...) take me right back. I had Heidi (a red mini) growing up, until I left for college. I had Snickelfritz (a black/tan mini)after college, for 18 years.

Heidi had her moments, just like these of chewing and wetting.

Oh..about the hair dryer...does it smell when it heats up? Toss if it does. Otherwise save it to thaw out the frozen ice maker line or dry out wet shoes.

Anonymous said...

Were it me, I'd wipe it down with bleachwater and feel all better. I mean, doesn't bleach kill EVERYTHING?

Madge said...

i'd wipe it down with bleach and give it to goodwill. by the time someone picks it up all the urine germs would have died. or something.

you gotta wonder said...

Has this been resolved yet? I can't imagine throwing away an almost-perfectly good hairdryer. Especially if it doesn't smell like urine. It doesn't, does it? Turn it on and let it heat up - if there's no odor you're probably good to go. And if it still bugs you -> Goodwill or Salvation Army or other charitable org.