Friday, October 16, 2009

Almost emotionally mature.

Don't worry, I didn't send Alice's response to Ex-Ex. In fact, I didn't respond at all. Instead, I'm going to wait until he replaces his stolen TVs. Then? I'm going to break into his house and steal the new TVs and donate them to a charity of some sort. And I'm going to leave eggs hidden in the attic and basement so that the entire house stinks, just like his black, black heart.

Or maybe not.

But it's stuff like that that makes me think I should have my own sitcom. Then I remember that my life is mostly about punctuation and cleaning up canine bodily fluids.

However ... Hope was right. The new boyfriend? Guy With Two Dogs. I just sort of realized that I wasn't seeing anyone else ... and I didn't want to. I only want to see him. A lot.

As my mother said so joyfully, "You finally let your guard down and let yourself really like him. I'm so glad!"

Me too.


Patti said...

Me too. He sounds nice.


That is great. And don't feel too bad about those thoughts. We all have them. They are fun to think of doing but most of us would never actually do it.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on another leap forward! Enjoy!

farmerjulie said...

that is cool! congrats..yay. Have a great weekend!

hope505 said...

~ w00t! ~ right on cha cha!
* : )

I think to make our editorial jobs more fun, we should have fabulous superEditor names...maybe you can be "The Punctuator!" (includes exclamation point!)..I've been tossing around "Apostrophe Vigilante" for my own moniker...*heh* well either of them sounds better than 'Copywrite Corrections Czar' or 'Princess Proofreader'. pft.

Anonymous said...

me thinks man with two dogs has cha cha making good life choices.