Friday, March 13, 2009

And ... breathe out.

Another Friday night, another airing of Waiting to Exhale.

Mr. Friend That I Now Have a Crush On and I had a date scheduled for tonight. And then he sort of informed me via e-mail this afternoon that he doesn't think I'm over The Ex-Boyfriend Formerly Known as Mr. Wonderful.

I received this e-mail about 15 minutes before an appointment with my psychiatrist. You know, that every-three-months appointment where I'm supposed to show that I'm a) not insane and b) worthy of a Zoloft refill. Oh, and when I c) check out the ditsy receptionist for your reading pleasure.

I sort of had to wash the mascara off my face before I left for my appointment. I don't know if Mr. Friend I Now Have a Crush On is right; I just know that I'm hurt and angry that it's even an issue.

Once I got to the appointment, the psychiatrist proceeded to give me woman-to-woman advice about how it was all about him and not about me. Or, rather, she gave me sassy-Hispanic-to-inept-white-girl advice. Whatever.

The important take-aways? A Zoloft refill. And an appointment card for my next visit: Friday, June 10. Except that June 10 is a Wednesday. I *heart* you, Ditsy Receptionist!

So, anyway. I don't have a date anymore tonight. I was really looking forward to seeing my friend / crush.

But Bernadine just burned all of her ex-husband's stuff, a scene that always makes me laugh. And I'm going over to Alice and Jake's for pizza and adult beverages. Because I have seen this movie a few times before.


Dorrie said...

Maybe he is afraid of being your rebound person and likes you enough that he wants to be more than that.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Zsa Zsa! (Frankly, I wouldn't mind being called Zsa Zsa - she is/was so beautiful! Growing up with very dark usually short hair, being mistaken for a boy most of the time, and having the face that I do, I used to long to be Zsa Zsa-esque)

I like what Dorrie said. Don't you? Who knows. Just go with it and your guts and know what is meant to be, will be. I don't like the timing with him though - already off "the tour bus" as far as I'm concerned. He should've talked to you about it during dinner tonight since you already had plans. So, if I was your date bouncer, he'd a gotten tossed out with this stunt.

Hey, I like you in a mustache! I wish I looked as good in the one that keeps sprouting up in its insistence that I need to have a mustache the older I get. It seems to have attracted enough hormones to start work on a beard and bushy eyebrows as well.

I have some painting that needs to be done and, just for you Zsa Zsa, I would start the drinks even earlier! Heck, we can start right now if you'd like!

And, Frankfurter reminds me of my hounds. All three (and these are big dogs) follow me everywhere all day and should I actually sit, they sit or lay as close as they possibly can so that I cannot get up and move without their intimate knowledge. It is a constant obstacle course of dogs for me. So, I'm with ya on your appreciation of our dogs knowing us well - would we let any human follow us so closely without totally freaking out?

Have a good weekend! Chin up girly!

p.s. I really like Shaun Cassidy! He was the first "concert" I ever saw - in KC by the way, with my girl scout troop when I was 13 from where I bought a life size poster and used to practice kissing.

LaDue & Crew said...

By email..?! C'mon, now that's just lame. Can't anyone step up to the plate of class these days, it's free. I understand the need to not pay for the mistakes of ex- Mr Wonderful, but geez.

Leslie Smith said...

Oh cha cha. i just love you.

you gotta wonder said...

Smells like fish tacos or something. I'm not liking it.