Sunday, March 15, 2009

Of Lancome and love.

Today is Cha Cha Appreciation Day. Strangely, I don't think Hallmark makes a card for it. Yet.

I celebrated Cha Cha Appreciation Day by spending a gazillion and seven dollars on the entire Lancome skincare line. My lovely mama and lovely auntie swear by it, and, as they point out, I am worth it. So, here's to looking 40 when I'm 70. Because really? My life is all about being the hottest cougar at the retirement village.

It's good to have a goal.

Another important component of Cha Cha Appreciation Day was giving myself permission to skip church and instead camp out on the couch to watch the early airing of Rock of Love Bus. I know, I know - I have a serious problem if I'm choosing reality tee vee over eternal salvation. But I was cuddled up under a blankie with Lil' Frankfurter's head on my shoulder and Foxie Doxie all curled up in the bend of my legs. What was a girl to do?

A girl was to stay put on the couch, that's what.

And today's episode of Rock of Love Bus made me guffaw. Oh, this is truly the greatest show ever in the history of all entertainment, televised or otherwise. This week, the ladies had to be interrogated by contestants from past years - and the exes of the ladies were there, too. One woman got so mad that she took a swing at one of the former contestants and spit at the other one.

And this girl, who is so mean and hateful about everybody?
Turns out she still lives with her baby daddy! Who announced that he showed up not to help Bret, but to take the mean girl home! Because they had just done the nasty the day before she left for the show, and he still considered her his woman!

Ah, sweet, sweet Rock of Love Bus. Nobody loves me like you do.

So, the spitting girl and the still-living-with-her-baby-daddy girl both went home. So the four finalists? All brunettes!

Snarly, nasty baby-daddy girl? After she was eliminated, she said, "I can't believe I'm going home. Good luck with Gopher and the 1986 prom queen."

Fred Grandy proudly represented my home state in Congress. Do not badmouth Gopher, you nasty girl.

And 1986 prom queen? Uh, in 1986, I could think of nothing grander than being prom queen, with the possible exception of being Miss America. So, just get your luggage and get off the bus you ... mean, mean girl!

So, obviously, it's been a very full, very fulfilling day.

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Linda Crispell said...

Only a poet could work Lancome, Rock of Love Bus and Gopher into a post!!!

LaDue & Crew said...

She dissed Grandy... and did the "ex"?! She deserves a losing mud fight AND a hair pull! What a ho. Your Sundays are more exciting than mine. I went to church and planted tomato's. Oh, and I did buy some Arbonne mineral foundation. But not the whole line. It was a low key purchase.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so glad you keep me up to date on the Rock of Love bus tour. With 4 other people in my house, I never get to choose what we watch. Poor Bret, maybe we should volunteer to find him a mate. I am losing faith in his abilities.

Sounds like a great Sunday!

you gotta wonder said...

I tried Arbonne, but my Mom told me she relies solely on Vitamin E cream. Then she bought me a giant jar and I have to tell you - I think she's onto something. Much less hassle (only one product) and very cost-sensitive (relative to the loan I had to take out to pay for the Arbonne). Unfortunately I abandoned the crazy-expensive products so now they're just taking up space in my bathroom. But they were cluttering up my routine. Maybe I can ship them to LaDue & Crew....

I went to church on behalf of you, the Diva, my folks, lots of folks. I'm a giver.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy International ChaCha day!
You had some great TV despite the date cancellation and Rock of Love Bus. That whole Tuscany thing--wouldn't that be dreamy?

hope505 said...

"Flavor of Love" is my go-to relationship exploiting reality TV fix.. *heh* ..but I happened to catch a few minutes of ROLB over the weekend. funny.