Monday, May 11, 2009

All I got.

I needed a break from all the dating. And so? So, I traveled to Boston on behalf of Corporate Behemoth.

Before I left the house, I dropped peanut butter down the middle of my shirt. I wiped it up with a wet paper towel, but didn't realize until I was in the car that the spot remained. Nice.

Got to the airport to find that my flight was delayed. By four hours.

But while standing in line for half an hour, I got to visiting with a guy in line. Turns out, he works for Corporate Behemoth, too! And since I got to the front of the line just as the airline had discovered a small, secret stash of tickets on another airline, we approached the counter together, along with two of his coworkers. We announced that we were traveling together, and all four of us got on the magic flight.

Huzzah. I felt like I had a posse. But mostly? Mostly, I had someone to talk to and eat with on the layover. The people of Corporate Behemoth are kind.

Sadly, they were going someplace totally different in Boston, so I just drove around for 20 minutes looking for my hotel. However, since I'm alone ... no one has to know that I got sort of lost. Shh.

And now I'm here. And I don't know if I've ever been so happy to see a hotel room in my life. I don't see how people travel for work all the time. It's exhausting.


LaDue & Crew said...

Awww, at least you had some nice guys to talk to. Anyone worth looking up later?

Hope you get to eat some of Bostons best... I'm envious!

The Doxies..? Are they spending the night at their friends house ? ;-)

Angie said...

You might even say "you've got people" ;-)

It is exhausting traveling for work but try to enjoy the fact that you can leave your bed a mess, towels on the floor and toothpaste in the sink and SOMEONE ELSE cleans it up for a change! It is the only redeeming part.

jean said...

Maid service and room service. Two of my favorite things. Enjoy Boston.

Anonymous said...

How thrilling! I've never been to Boston and it's been a long time since I was in a hotel room alone (or otherwise). Enjoy!

you gotta wonder said...

I remember getting lost in boston once. ah, the memories.

Enjoy the trip. You're the coolest!