Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey, I'm walkin' here!

My sweet college roommates are visiting this weekend. This means:

1. Lots of eating. Like, lots of eating.

2. Lots of conversations like this one:

You're friends with him on Facebook? Did you ever e-mail him and say, 'Hey, thanks for breaking my heart?'

Yeah, and also 'Thanks for being an asshole and making me so depressed that I listened to nothing but Counting Crows for, like, a year?'

Yeah. Is he at least fat now? Let's look him up!

Obviously, we are letting the good times roll.

Actually, it's so refreshing and fun and comforting to be with people who know all about you - have known all about you for a very long time - and who love you anyway. People who knew you when, loved you then and love you now. I am so, so fortunate.

We're also having a fun time watching for a van in front of my house and coming up with hypothetical responses to Mr. Second Chance's latest two e-mails.

On Wednesday, he wrote: I have figured out what I'm going to do! I am going to remain single and unattached until u change your mind. And if u never change your mind, then I will just remain single and unattached for the rest of my life. There, at least i have a game plan now!

And today, he recalled an earlier conversation about top five movies of all time (oh, the nostalgia - our second date!): I want to put The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy on my top 5 list. BTW, have u changed ur mind?

I am not responding because I don't want to engage him. But really? Really, it's all starting to creep me out. Because, really? Who identifies Midnight Cowboy as a movie they love and could watch again and again and again?



Not to put you down in any way but what the hell is wrong with that guy? I guess you were the only one that treated him with respect. Too creepy. I hope he doesn't know where you live.

Sara said...


Why yes, I have altered my Top 5 movies. They are now:

1. Stop F***ing Contacting Me
2. No, Really
3. You're Starting to Creep Me Out
4. Desperation Is Ugly
5. Stop F***ing Contacting Me, II: I Really Mean It

LaDue & Crew said...

So happy you are hangin with the girls... nothing like a good gab/ foodfest to lift you up!

And I am totally cracking up over what Sara wrote!! Too funny!!

Unknown said...

Love what Sara wrote too.

Saucy said...

Facebook = one of the greatest popular kid/nerdy kid late-in-life social experiments EVER!

Anonymous said...

I kind of want to wash my hands after reading that last bit.

Anonymous said...

I am with Sara... you should totally send that.