Monday, May 4, 2009

I like Monday - canine edition.

The Geriatric Poodle had a long love affair with Camelia, the fleece camel. He carried her around everywhere and would often sit contentedly, gumming her grey, matted fleece and sighing with delight.

For Foxie Doxie, it's Atomic Bunny.
She's in his kennel all the time, although he's not psychotic about it or anything. Far be it from Foxie to get all wrapped up in a woman like that.
They have an understanding.

And Lil' Frankfurter? Well, in the three months he's ruled our household, he's destroyed many, many toys. Searching for The One? It ain't easy.
But, Lil' Frank has finally found love.
No, that's not a pregnancy test. It's a toothbrush. Or, rather, The Toothbrush.

Lil' Frank confiscated it when I was cleaning the bathroom. Now? They are inseparable.
The Toothbrush can withstand Lil' Frank's abuse. And Lil' Frank feels virtuous carrying The Toothbrush around the house like a prize.

I draw the line at allowing The Toothbrush in the bed. But other than that?
Whatever, dude. Whatever makes you happy. Just don't eat it, ok?


LaDue & Crew said...

I am so glad he is all over good dental hygiene... so hard to find in a male species these days. And I'd like to know what kind of vitamitavegimins a gals gotta take to get nails like yours..?! Gorgeous!!


How cute. I have bought toys that lasted an hour before having to toss it in the garbage. Oliver loves chewing up his toys.

Madge said...

k. i love your sweet dogs.

Karen Jensen said...

doggies. I love doggies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, my favorite long hard plastic toy choice would ehrm, NOT be a toothbrush.

Rebecca said...

I totally thought that was a pregnancy test so I'm glad you said something! Although when's the last time you saw a green pregnancy test? Never I'm guessing.

Your dogs are adorable.

Anonymous said...

And I totally thought it was a tampon.

you gotta wonder said...

I wish I could train my killer cat to stick to chew toys. I haven't tried a toothbrush. Maybe, just maybe...