Friday, May 1, 2009

Vote early and vote often!

So. Text messaging totally changes dating.

The guy I went out with once last week? And then told he was awesome, but more awesome for someone else?

He texted me yesterday: RU sure we're not a match? Bc I just sat thru like my third uncomfortable match date since what i thought was a very comfortable time with U


I responded today: 3 dates in a week? Damn, playa! I do think we are friends ... otherwise we'd kill each other. As your friend, I will suggest you change your match pic - youre much cuter than that :)



Hmm. Well, thank U 4 the suggestion ... I'll see what I can do. But yeah these bad dates are killing me. I've only had one that I've actually enjoyed!

But 3 dates in a week? You must be doing something right. Look at it as practice.

I must be - and that's with my current pic. Practice schmatice ... I've already met the coolest funniest and attractive chick

And then? I didn't respond. I've been in meetings allllll damn day. He kept texting, though.

Text 5: Could I get a second chance if I agreed to babysit your dogs while u go out on a date? Wait ... scratch that ... bad idea. What if I offered to take them to the dog park?

Text 6: U could even come along!

Text 7: Ok, how about a Smithwick's at a local bar? Or dinner at your fav restaurant? I could bust out my A game. And I could pay U to go. Wait ... scratch that.

Ok, kids. Worth a second chance? Or just getting scary? It's the end of a long week and my decisionmaking skillz are worn thin.


Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my two cents:

You seem to have a real comfortable rapport with him. So maybe he didn't set off fireworks with you... that doesn't mean that he won't EVER set it off. I love that you guys have a similar sense of humor, and I say GO FOR IT.

He sounds really fun, and you even said yourself that he's cute. That sounds good enough for me!! ;-)

Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I had to go back to read why you told him no thanks to begin with. He seems a little intense. It could be caused by his recent number of bad dates. I tend to say follow your first instinct. It sounds like he is interested in being more than just friends, so the 'being friends' route might not work but may be worth a try as long as he understands the ground rules. Maybe he needs to slow down and be a little fussier on his date selections.

LaDue & Crew said...

What they all said... I'd comment more, but have the flu {{{hack}}} and my fingers even hurt.

nestra said...

He does seem funny, and if you walk into it with no expectations you might be surprised. Plus maybe he will just have fun with you and not be so intense (maybe?).

you gotta wonder said...

I say "going out with a friend" is no harm, no foul, no expectations. Don't call it or think of it as "a date" and it should help (hopefully) tone down the intensity. Make sure you let someone know his name and contact info in case you come up missing. ;)

Wishing you the best!

itsjustme said...

I have to vote no. First, I am huge on following your first instinct. Do you remember the engineer? Stole dogs and ate heads off of the ginger bread cookies? Loved texting him. He's funny, intelligent, nice . . . and a little crazy.

The guy berated you for not answering quickly enough. He sent how many text messages while you were unavailable? Cute or obsessive? Hard to tell.

How many dates in a week? He just wants to find the person that is going to lay his ass regularly.


Madge said...

ok. i'm voting no. he's starting to scare me just a little bit. i wish i was saying this out of ignorance.. why, 16 years into marriage, am i remembering guys like this???

Rebecca said...

I say give it one more try. You never know, it might be something.

Cerwydwyn said...

I think he sounds really funny and like he likes you. There is a whole lot to be said for a guy who likes you, particularly if he likes you more than you like him...I mean you still have to like him. Maybe this sounds crazy but think about it. It puts you in an easier, more controlled place. I sound like a huge schemer, but am not, actually. I've just been there and thought about it a lot. Now I've been happily (mostly) married for almost 9 years.
Anyway, my vote is tell him to break out his A game and you can take it from there.


Try it with the understanding that if is "just friends". That is what me and my hubby did. Just friends and then it grew. You never know. Maybe you will at least be friends for when you need a guy to escort you instead of a girlfriend.

Iron Needles said...

Second time around, I married a friend, and it has turned out really really good.

From here he sounds funny (in a good way). From there, it could be something else. Got to be up to you to make the call.

You will know what to do.

Unknown said...

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