Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beautiful privilege.

I was able to vote early, and cast my ballot on Saturday.

I got there about half an hour before the poll closed, and the line snaked through the county administration building. All told, I waited about an hour and a half.

It was hot. People were obviously wilted, but the mood was upbeat. Everyone had a sense of purpose, even after the wait.

When I finally made it into the voting area, the older woman at the registration table looked a bit frazzled and beat. I asked her how she was doing, realizing that she had about another hour of voters in line behind me.

She beamed. “I’m great! Isn’t this exciting? We’re making history! I can’t wait for Tuesday!”



Linda Crispell said...

History indeed! Perhaps because of the number of early voters, I didn't have any wait to vote today.
Please visit our friend Saucy, she's getting beaten up by some fascist Yanks who want to deny her the right to express her opinion.

Madge said...

i've never been so excited about voting before. it was so great to see so many people out voting. i hope we keep it up!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I was so proud to go--I always get a "voting rush," but this election's was WAY better than the primary for me:)

Saucy said...

You all did a wonderful thing, you know. Exercising your right to vote and demonstrating to the world that democracy is alive and well in the USA. God bless all of you! And your new President Elect. Whoot!