Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two fun things.

1. Remember last year on 30 Rock when Liz wanted to "Flee to the Cleve?" She visited Cleveland and people stopped her on the street, saying she was so pretty that she must be model.


A coworker originally from Ohio shared this video today. Yes, it caused me to snort in a most unladylike fashion in front of a group of my coworkers.

2. My birthday is this weekend. I will no longer be a multiple of 11, which is obviously a real downer. However, since I'm turning 34, I realized that it will have been 21 years since I turned 13. Yahoo!

Obviously, this is cause for celebration, because being 13 sucks.

And you know what celebration means at Noodleroux. Yep, that's right. Another haiku contest!

Send me your haikus about the pain, frustration, humiliation and general glamour of being 13. All submissions must be in haiku format - three lines, with the first and last with five syllables, the middle line with seven. Like this:

Oh, permtasticness!
How you complemented my
Braces and glasses.

Yeah, you know I rocked that look. Hard core.

Make me laugh with your haiku and you'll find yourself in the running for a fabulous prize pack!

How fabulous is this prize pack? Well ... do you remember Lurlene McDaniel, famous author of every "I have a terminal disease / Someone I love died / I'm the victim of some sort of crime" book you ever bought at the Scholastic Book Fair?

Of course you do!

The winner of Cha Cha's 13 Never Again Haiku Extravaganza will receive a copy of Lurlene's Time to Let Go:

The doctors assure Erin Bennett and her parents that they can't find a physical cause for her headaches. But the throbbing, violent pain is so intense that Erin knows she needs help. Even landing the lead in the senior musical opposite David Devlin, the good-looking, popular guy everyone else is wild about, doesn't give Erin much pleasure. In fact, she finds David so annoying that her headaches are getting worse.

Erin knows that the headaches started just after the death of her younger sister, Amy, one year ago. She thought her grieving was over, but somehow the headaches must be connected to Amy. The therapist Erin starts seeing beings to help her deal with her pain, but what is it about David that triggers Erin's violent reaction?

I'm sorry, but you have to assume that I'll read this before I put together the fabulous prize pack. I have to know what's causing Erin's headaches.

The prize pack will also include some fun surprises. So, haiku early and haiku often! Please leave your haiku in the comments by midnight on Friday. Because haikus? Make the world a better place.


Sister Three said...

Why don't they see me
I have so much to offer
Please give me a chance

Magic27 said...

Hi ChaCha,

It's been a while since I left a comment, though I read your blog daily. But I couldn't resist the chance of a competition (even though I guess "us furreners" are excluded from prize-sending). First, because my birthday is on Monday (18th) and I'll be turning 4.0. GOD HELP ME. Second, because being 13 was hellish for me, so the subject matter is perfect.
So, here goes (have never written a haiku in my life):

Skinny, gauche redhead
Hopelessly crap at all sports
Ultimate class swot

Braces but no tits
Still a Mummy's little girl
No chance with the boys

Smallest in the class
Pathologically shy
Goddess deep inside

Teased mercilessly
Supposedly teacher's pet
Not true! Not at all!

OK, that's all for now. If I manage to come up with any more, I'll be back (just call me Arnie).

Otherwise, happy birthday Cha Cha, and keep writing - you do make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Again with the unbridled humor, Cha Cha!

Bad haircut, worse teeth
Lacking social graces, charm,
And curves. She had brains which helped.

Iron Needles said...

mmm...my birthday is this weekend, too. I, too, will be 34...plus 20. Which is really a sweet time of life for me. But hey, what else am I going say, and how else can I look at it?

And are we twins?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm not going to do the haiku, because I sucketh at that sort of thing.

But OMG I loved the Cleveland video. Being an Ohio girl, I always love a chance to make fun of the Cleve. I'm so stealing it to put on my blog.

And PS - That 30 Rock episode is one of my FAVES!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Ha! "See our two buildings" - priceless!

Sorry, though - I don't haiku.

Unknown said...

can you say dorky
i was the tallest in class
with a shag haircut

you gotta wonder said...

From tomboy to girl
I go from stick to figure
Unwelcome changes

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Oh, to be thirteen
Acting like you are so cool
Knowing you are not...

Patti said...

Envious laughter?
Purple zip front shorts jump suit
I made it myself

Sara said...

I got D to compose a haiku!

Why am I so pissed?
Parents don't know anything
My life really sucks

日月神教-向左使 said...