Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go, Cha Cha, Go!

Foxie Doxie and I just got home from a lovely dinner date. We visited some friends I've known since forever, their 5-year-old son and soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter.

Foxie Doxie thoroughly enjoyed himself, as the kids enjoyed sneaking him chips and even a piece of steak. Life is good for Foxie.

And I? Had a really hard time being a responsible adult and not laughing hysterically at stuff that was so funny but that shouldn't be condoned. Like, a little boy trying to drop his sister's socks down the front of my shirt.

Although I was assured that there was no editorializing going on, I can take a hint, buddy.

My favorite, though, was the soon-to-be 3-year-old telling Foxie Doxie that he should come to her birthday party. Her dress-up birthday party.

When her mother pointed out that it was a dress-up party and perhaps Foxie Doxie wouldn't be comfortable, this brilliant child gave her mother that look. And then she announced that Foxie could dress up as Diego, from Dora the Explorer.

It all made such perfect sense to my little friend that she was annoyed at the closemindedness of her adult companions. We really do get in the way with our nonsense.

Yesterday, I drove to Des Moines on the spur of the moment to meet my mom for a brief shopping excursion. It was a stupid thing to do. The weather wasn't great, and I spent more time in the car than I did with my mom.

However ... it did make perfect sense in that dress-Foxie-up-as-Diego way. I got to see my mom. We had a great time and are on the verge of being True Believers in Lancome. And mostly, I felt exhilarated to do something sort of crazy, especially since I didn't have a real reason not to do it.

It felt like stretching of the why-the-hell-not school. I didn't do it because I was supposed to or someone else wanted me to. I just did it because I wanted to and because I could.

I've been hemorrhaging money the last few months. I'm pretty frugal, so my idea of hemorrhaging money is probably more of an oozing wound versus a massive trauma. But it occurred to me that I'm buying stuff I like as sort of practice, practice to prove to myself that I can get what I want.

Funny concept, huh?

But if I can want a pair of boots and then just buy them, it sends a funny sense of empowerment into my brain. That little brain is starting to put two and two together to realize that I can want substantial things and then get them. Like peace of mind. Like happiness. Like reaching goals.

It makes Foxie dressing up as a cartoon character seem not so crazy or out-of-reach.


LaDue & Crew said...

It is so awesome to have seen where you were and now, where you are. Have a great week Cha Cha... Now that you and Diego are buds, doors will open. You may even get to know Dora the Explorer, too... :-D

you gotta wonder said...

I'm happy for you Cha Cha. It sounds like a great weekend. I too struggle with whimsy and with buying things for myself. I'm working on both. It's good to see you demonstrating how it's done.

Rebecca said...

Cha Cha - It sounds like you are in a good place...and there is something so chicken soup about spending time with your mom!

BTW, Diego totally rocks so it is fitting for the little girl to have chosen that character for Foxie Doxie.

itsjustme said...

Keep making the substantial stuff progress. I am super good at the I want it and buy it. When I hemorrhage cash I HEMMORHAGE cash. It's why I am always in debt. Sigh.

I got stuck in the concrete world and didn't quite make it to the virtual . . . although I really like to shop online too. ha. Haha.

Claire B. said...

I'm glad you're hemmoraging money. It's worth whatever it brings to you. Spend some for me! We just cut our budget (not that we actually had one before) to the bare minimum. 2009 is going to be our year of spending zero dollars and zero cents that are zero percent unnecessary. Blech.