Saturday, January 3, 2009

There's no such thing as overaccessorizing.

So, it's another uptown Saturday night at Casa de Cha Cha. I've been knitting for about three hours, and Foxie Doxie is ... uh ... licking himself. I guess he's enjoying his Saturday night. And we're listening to a 1981 Springsteen concert, thanks to Sirius Radio. Bruuuuuuuuce!

I'm in a weird place. I am both simultaneously glad to be sitting on my couch alone, but also lonely. I believe this is called learning to be still, in spite of everything. Just be. Peace be still. I have not been this still, like, probably ever. Ok, at least since my dad taught me to roll over. I fidget and fret and do and worry and putz. But right now, I'm knitting, and being shocked by occasional blasts from my flatulent little doxie.

And ... it's ok.

So, I'm sitting, knitting, dreaming about my boy Bruuuuuuuuce, and sporting some new bling, courtesy of Andi over at A Thousand Miles From the Place I Was Born. If you haven't visited Andi, you totally should. She's real and funny and a wicked writer. Wicked as in wicked awesome.

Sweet Andi is making me blush with this fierce bling!

The Superior Scribbler Award

Love Your Blog Award

I am humbled and delighted that anybody reads, much less comments, not to even mention visiting again, or giving me bling. You all have made a huge difference in my life.

Ok, I'm collecting myself. Ok.

So, the deal is that I now get to pass these fine awards on to four fellow bloggers. Yahoo! Here is a mere sampling of the blogs that bring me joy. Check them out.

It gives me pause. Written by You Gotta Wonder, this is a blog you gotta read. She shares a lovely perspective that's been good for my weary soul. And! And our sweet friend is published! Be sure to check out this post about her very cool magazine article ... an article that hit home so much that it made me cry. But don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want to tarnish my street cred.

LaDue & Crew. Note to self: accept any and all invitations to mealtime - any meal - at the home of Ms. LaDue. Her blog features her sweet, snarky stories and all sorts of recipes and cooking adventures. And you know you'd be friends because she, umm, put some English toffee in a dish for holiday guests? And then sort of hid it? Yeah, she's my kind of hostess.

Green Girl in Wisconsin. When Melissa is a famous novelist, you can be all "Oh yeah? Well, I've been reading her work forever. Everybody who's anybody is familiar with her blog. I've actually memorized entire posts." Which would be doubly funny because the dear blogger in question is so down-to-earth and funny and fabulous. I would like to tailgate with her at a Big 10 football game. Just because that seems like something we would do.

The Gift. AnastasiaSpeaks vowed to write every day for a year and, really, we're the ones who receive the gift. A recovering lawyer who is working from home with her young ruffians, Anastasia writes with a refreshing honesty. She is kind and smart, wonders what the hell she's doing, laughs about everything, and is a voice of reason. Yeah, you'll like her.

Happy reading, all!


LaDue & Crew said...

I had to take my contact's out after reading that one- SO unexpected! Me, deserving of Bling!?! {{{sniff, sniff, bawl, blush}}} You rock, Cha Cha... this is the best damn rock I ever got! {{{hugs}}}

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Cha Cha AND thanks for the kind comment on my last post.

I'll display it proudly! :)

jean said...

Oh Bruce! God how I love him. He's a Jersey boy and I had such a crush on him (ok, I still do).

you gotta wonder said...

You left me speechless. This was such a pleasant surprise this morning and then I had to run off without saying thank you. I've been "all aglow" all day.

I love your blog and I'm very grateful for your kind words.


And ... stay strong! You're doing great.

Anonymous said...

Awwww man. Thank you. We should do that--tailgate together. I know we'd have so much fun.

you gotta wonder said...

I may not have gotten around to those thank you notes yet, but I did "pass it forward" on the award. Thanks again!