Monday, January 19, 2009

Two completely unrelated anecdotes.

Because it's Monday and I'm late for a hot date with NyQuil.

1. I started out the day at Corporate Behemoth by being in the elevator from the garage to the lobby with a coworker who evidently didn't apply cologne this morning. He bathed in it. My dry, sad little nasal passages were screaming in agony. And then, Fragrant Coworker and I were, of course, on the same elevator from the lobby up to our offices.

I think he thought I was being rude by not chatting. I was holding my breath.

2. Does anybody else think it's sick and wrong that this evening's programming on We: Television for Women included Sleeping With the Enemy - a scary-ass movie about an abusive marriage - followed by several hours of Platinum Weddings and Rich Bride, Poor Bride?

Just me? Oh. Ok.


LaDue & Crew said...

That is a little bizarre...

Travel size bottle of ozium. A couple of spritzes the next time you ride the elevator together oughtta send out a vibe.

Oh, Vinny's barking a hello your way ;o)

Anonymous said...

I find much of WE's programming really odd--and not very empowering either.
Ew, the overdose of cologne always makes me miserable, too.