Saturday, January 31, 2009

A love letter.

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Forty years. And, like, they're still speaking to each other.

First all, my mother would probably like to point out that she was a child bride. And at different times, they've both proclaimed that they can't believe they were allowed to get married at 20 and 22.

But my dad needed a roommate. And he's said that when he saw my lovely mama crossing the room towards him at a fraternity mixer, he knew that she had him in her tractor beam and that he was toast.

I am so very, very fortunate to have these two remarkable people as my parents.

Lately, I've come to appreciate that one of the greatest gifts they have given me and my brother is the freedom to be ourselves. Because my parents are who they are. They don't always agree. But they always love each other. And they always love us.
And so, Poochie and I are free to be our slightly nerdy, rather interesting, you-know-you-want-to-sit-at-our-table selves.

My folks are always behind the camera, not often in front of it. But here's the happy family they have created. It's a crew I'm proud to be a part of.


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Congrats to your parents! Mine were married 48 before my mom died and my hubby's were married 49 before his dad died. I know we'll be married 'til death do us part too. And so will you if we can just find the right one. I'm thinking of coming to visit you and screening/interviewing, setting tasks, running ads and commercials so we can speed things up a bit. Hey, we could have a reality show - I'll have to think of a clever name - Bus of Love wouldn't work for us, I don't think. Hey! Maybe it is Bret Micheals (spelled wrong I think) you are supposed to be with. Dang! We should've got you on his show - no wonder he can't find love either!

LaDue & Crew said...

Awwww, I already love your parents... they produced my sweet, amazing friend, Cha Cha! Ok, so I am happily married to whom I think is the sexiest hubs on the planet, but I do have to say, your bro is hot ;o)

Rebecca said...

That is so sweet! Happy Anniversary to them. They must be great parents to have a great daughter that loves them so much.

I hope that my children feel about me the way you do your parents.


jean said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Carma Sez said...

Sounds like you have some awesome folks! Plus, 40 years and still speaking is remarkable in this day and age :-)