Monday, January 12, 2009

In the beginning.

It was Monday, and Cha Cha wore new black dress pants and pink argyle sweater. The peoples bowed before her attempt to brighten a dreary Monday, and it was good.

And then came the plague of meetings, like locusts from the sky did they fall. And Outlook said, "Go, forth!" And Cha Cha did.

Like the people of Moses wandering 40 years in the desert before them, Cha Cha and her peoples sat through a friggin' three-hour segmentation workshop. Verily unto you, I proclaim that two hours of that was one single PowerPoint presentation.

And like a false god, the black pants and pink argyle failed to save Cha Cha.

But she and her peoples were delivered from the segmentation workshop. Like the parting of the Red Sea, the doors of the meeting room opened. And the peoples rushed to check their 75 new e-mails.

But vengeance would fall upon Cha Cha for worshipping her false idol. And her 75 e-mails all required immediate attention, long after the sun set and the ass and the lamb settled into their mangers. And so it was.

And lo, my friends, this is why today's post sucks.


LaDue & Crew said...

Now that was funny!!

Rebecca said...

Good description. Been there. I hated those meetings. Slow death by boredom.

Iron Needles said...

Verily, it sucks not! I was totally entertained.

I, too, have wandered the same wilderness. Curse the pharoahs.

Anonymous said...


And on the next day, Cha Cha rested. And it was gooooood. ;-)

Cyndi B. said...

That was hilarious! I appreciate how you can make a boring 3 hour meeting sound like an epic novel.

Anonymous said...

Remember, after the seas parted, the Israelites started bitching that they were hungry--even Moses didn't get a break;)

But I bet you rocked the pink argyle sweater!

you gotta wonder said...

Oh Cha Cha! Thank you for the chuckles. My life has recently been swallowed up in meetings. That post didn't suck, it was pure refreshment for the weary corporate soul.

Sandee B said...

But you looked really damn nice in those black pants and pink argyle sweater. You looked happy! :)