Friday, January 16, 2009

The week in review.

Most awesome comment from a coworker: "I wish it was still deer season. I need to shoot something."

Favorite Billy Mays-promoted product: Hercules Hooks. For real. My friend CB helped me hang an old-school pull-down map with just three of these suckers, no drill and no hammer. It's been 48 hours and the map is still on the wall. If that's not success, then what is?

Very best answered prayer: My uncle was diagnosed with necrotizing faciitis this week. Yeah, that's the street name for flesh-eating bacteria. Thankfully, he turned a corner, is off the vent and should be ok. He's looking at several skin grafts and three to four weeks in the hospital, but we can deal with that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best new word that I must incorporate into my vocabulary: Redog. As in, "I miss having a dog. I'm sure I'll redog at some point."

Most exciting reasons why I've whitened my teeth, exfoliated my face and done laundry tonight: I am nervous. And out of practice. And I have a blind date tomorrow.

Like, OMG! I know!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

That's so funny - while I don't hunt anymore (yes, sort of shamefully now, early in my life I was a hunter - but we ate what we shot and had licenses, etc. I still fish though if that counts), I am actually going shooting on Sunday. I used to be a marksman on my high school rifle team - could out shoot any boy which thrilled me to no end. Guess I feel I needed to shoot something too - very scary thought and not real, actually. My son wants to be a competitive shooter so we are going to practice with hubby.

What I really wanted to write was - YOU GO GIRL on the blind date! How exciting! I may go whiten my teeth tonight in your honor. WOOHOO! Okay, now you know you have to share all of the details. I'll be waiting up to make sure you get home okay!

LaDue & Crew said...

NO FREAKIN' WAY!!! OMG!! I am SO excited for you, I won't stop thinking about it till I get the scoop! Remember, don't give too much info on the 1st date... leave a bit of mystery! This is so cool!!

Comment: My hubby is a hunter, with all next week off for a Javelina hunt. He says he was born to hunt things. If my prayers are answered, we will NOT have an addition to the Animal Morgue in our family room.

Hercules Hooks: use all the time- they rock.

Prayer: Thank God. And we'll continue to pray as I am sure he has a long recovery.

New vocab: Does a new dog count..?

Teeth whitening: I was in dentistry for 20 years. Store brand whitening products works pretty darn good.

I am so freakin' stoked and it isn't even my date!! Full disclosure woman...

you gotta wonder said...

What a fabulous week for you!

I've never hunted anything that ever drew air, but I enjoy hunting pieces of paper. ;) I am enjoying my new target-practice hobby.

I've never tried the hooks, but I'm intrigued.

I'm glad to hear about your uncle. I will add him to my prayer list for the next few weeks. You can e-mail me with his name, if you like (, but I'm sure God will know who I mean when I ask for His blessings and mercy during "Cha Cha's Uncle's recovery".

I've recatted before, but never redogged. ADallasDiva has, though. I'll let her take that one.

Put me on the "IWannaHearAboutIt" list! Hurray for Cha Cha!

Gretchen Hembree said...

OMG! Good luck and have fun. Relax and don't expect anything. I always say the lower the expectations the more you can be suprised if things actually go well. Does that provide some sort of skewed view of how I live life? Oh well. We all want details!

jean said...

Don't forget to shave your legs. I don't know why, but I remember that being important. I used to date but my husband frowns on it.

itsjustme said...

I WANT ALL THE DETAILS. . .I'm not throwing myself on the dating grenade alone!! Hooray! Join me. It requires a lot of alcohol to survive it. Share everything. Do better than I did on my last post, but really, I just had nothing.

Redog. Yes, I've redogged several times. I mean to redog with a purse puppy this time, but that just went all to hell with the hellion and her little companion.

Did I say I wanted DETAILS!! You go!!

Oh, and as you gotta wonder told me a while ago. Think of dating as just practice. Every time you go out just say, "eh, I'm just practicing for when I meet the right guy." Then it won't be as big of a deal should you make an ass of yourself at any point (not that you would) or do something foolish (not that you might).

Anonymous said...

That is the best list ever. Number one is a riot--and I don't even own a dog and I want to start saying redog.